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Popular short courses

Understand the fundamentals of employment law, including key pieces of legislation (such as the Fair Work Act 2009), how to identify critical compliance gaps and more.

Gain the knowledge and practical skills to assess workplace complaints, gather corroborative information, and make critical decisions based on investigation outcomes.

Learn about the fundamentals of HR policy development and implementation and examine the range of HR policies that should be considered when developing a workplace policy manual.

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All short courses

This course provides learners with the opportunity to test and apply their knowledge by examining current case law.

The learner-guided course consists of up to 10 real case studies, covering complex and significant issues across all sectors. Learners will workshop and discuss each example to extract sound, evidence-based principles, language, and criteria to guide and inform workplace decision making.

Advanced HR Law

This course explores the links between work standards, accepted practice and private life, helping bring an objective, supportive lens to employee conflict, misconduct, and underperformance. Learn how to unpack the complexities of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and complaints procedures in the modern workplace with expert guidance to help navigate each situation.

Advanced Workplace Conduct Standards

Improve your understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence and the impact emotions have on the way you and others think, learn, teach, lead, collaborate and problem solve.

Applied Emotional Intelligence

What role does HR play in ensuring ethical workplace practices? This course uses a case based approach to explore the ways in which HR can effectively manage ethical dilemmas in the work environment.

Building an Ethical Workplace Culture

There is a legal duty of care for employers and management to take all reasonable steps to eliminate bullying, harassment and violence in the workplace. This course provides strategies to identify and prevent workplace bullying and harassment in your organisation.

Bullying and Harassment

Identify the change lifecycle steps to effectively manage change and apply the most suitable change management model and framework for your organisational change initiative. Understand the change dynamics at an individual, team and organisational level to successful implement change.

Change Management

Explore how to effectively identify, manage and resolve team-based and interpersonal conflict in the workplace as well as use mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures for conflict resolution.

Conflict and Mediation

This course is specifically tailored for HR practitioners aiming to enhance their skills in job analysis and design amidst rapid organisational change and evolving ways of working. 

Contemporary Workforce Redesign

With hybrid work environments becoming increasingly important, learn how your organisation can effectively offer flexible working arrangements in a way that has a positive impact for both the organisation and the employee.

Creating and Managing a Hybrid Workforce

High performing work teams are essential to organisational effectiveness. Creating and sustaining a high performing team requires concerted effort, structured ways of working, and exemplary leadership.
Learn how as a leader you can take Coaching skills help an active role in shaping your team to improve capability and performance and deliver effective business outcomes.

Creating High Performance Teams

Learn about the fundamentals of HR policy development and implementation and examine the range of HR policies that should be considered when developing a workplace policy manual.

Develop and Implement HR policies

Selecting the best person for a role is a critical skill for those with hiring responsibilities. Hiring decisions can impact the organisation’s performance and selecting the right candidates is integral to business success. Managers and HR practitioners need to understand how to effectively interview and select people for roles to facilitate sound recruitment decisions.

Effective Interviewing and Selection Skills

Having a difficult workplace conversation can be an uncomfortable and challenging experience. Learn how to manage these types of conversations and achieve the best possible outcomes whilst maintaining harmonious working relationships. Explore the four stages of a difficult conversation to effectively prepare, plan and conduct a difficult conversation

Having Difficult Conversations

Gain the competence to effectively manage everyday human resource needs and challenges in your workforce. Learn about the main human resource management components within the employment lifecycle – from recruitment to retirement – and the basics of employment law. Examine common employee relations challenges that leaders encounter and equip yourself with the skills to hire, develop and retain talent.

HR for Non-HR People

Design a HR strategy that captures ‘the people element’ of what your organisation hopes to achieve in the medium to long term. This course will guide you through the HR strategy planning process to help ensure that the HR strategies that you design and implement are robust and meet organisational objectives.

HR Strategy Planning

This course provides you with a step-by-step process for how to design a wellbeing strategy tailored for your organisation’s unique needs. You will explore the customisation and application of wellbeing models, effective assessment methods and the planning and implementation of targeted interventions.

Implementing Wellbeing Initiatives

HR roles have expanded and evolved to meet the increasing demands of their organisations. HR practitioners are now expected to be internal consultants to line managers and senior managers and to deliver people management solutions that drive business performance. This course equips you with the skills and knowledge to move from a transactional HR role to a strategic HR business partnering role with a consultative focus.

Internal HR Consulting Skills

Gain an introduction to employment law in Australia and the key elements that HR practitioners need to be aware of in their practice. Learn about the Fair Work Act and amendments to understand the key elements of legislation, regulation and practices that impact how human resources are managed within organisations.

Introduction to HR Law

Gain the knowledge and practical skills to assess workplace complaints, gather corroborative information, and make critical decisions based on investigation outcomes. This course includes case studies that highlight current case law and the latest research on methods of investigating workplace misconduct, including interviewing techniques and the accessibility of digital information.

Investigating Workplace Misconduct

When you step into a management role, the challenge shifts from personal performance to taking responsibility for the effective functioning and performance of a work team. Explore tools and models that can help you effectively manage a work team. Examine leadership styles, promoting responsibility and accountability, people development strategies, effective engagement and motivation of team members, and adopting a coaching approach to improve performance.

Leadership and Management Essentials

Raise awareness of unconscious bias and its impact on workplace decision making – it will support change and improve diversity and inclusion outcomes that contribute to organisation performance and productivity.

Managing Unconscious Bias

With many Australians experiencing a mental health issues during their lifetime, it’s important to gain the tools to effectively manage mental health awareness in your organisation. This course focuses on mental health awareness, stress management and effective strategies to manage health and wellness in the workplace.

Mental Health at Work

Examine a conceptual framework for organisational design, step through a methodology with which to approach organisational design initiatives, explore OD challenges, and gain access to a comprehensive OD toolkit that you can apply in your organisation.

Organisational Design

Enhance your people analytics expertise with our advanced course designed to elevate your workforce data management and analytical skills in a business context. This course offers a hands-on approach to leveraging and analysing HR, financial, and business data, empowering you to identify and tackle the root causes of complex business issues. 

People Analytics & Insights – Advanced

This introductory course demystifies data-driven decision-making in HR, catering especially to those who may feel they are “not data people.” In today’s business environment, where data-led approaches are crucial for HR’s credibility and impact, this course offers a foundational understanding of people analytics and workforce metrics.

People Analytics & Insights – Foundations

Learn what it takes to successfully manage the performance of employees, conduct performance appraisals, and manage poor performers to ensure they meet your organisation’s performance standards.

Performance Management

Learn how to write clearly, professionally and succinctly to capture the attention of your intended business audience. Understand critical business writing techniques and how to apply them to improve your written communications today.

Professional Writing Skills

This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of psychosocial wellbeing in the workplace. As organisations increasingly recognize the importance of promoting mental health and addressing psychosocial risks, understanding, and adhering to the Psychosocial Code of Practice has become essential.

Psychosocial Code Of Practice

This course equips you with the ability to identify the signs and symptoms of burnout and analyse the personal and organisational factors that lead to its occurrence. You will actively practice stress management techniques and resilience-building strategies, whilst also gaining hands-on skills to effectively mitigate the impact of burnout and cultivate a workplace culture that prioritises wellbeing. 

Renewing Resilience: Addressing Burnout in HR Practitioners

Learn how to approach talent management as a dynamic and holistic process in your organisation to reap the benefits of skilled and talented employees that help the organisation successfully achieve its strategic objectives. Talent management involves talent identification and acquisition, development and retention, careful career management and succession planning, that effectively align with the organisation’s strategic objectives and organisational culture.

Talent Management

Are you a female HR professional aspiring to undertake leadership roles within HR? This course will help you to enhance your career opportunities as a strategic HR leader. Learn how to develop strategic leadership skills and tap into your intrinsic value as a high-level HR professional.

Women in HR Leadership

The necessity to have talented individuals possessing the right skills, for the right roles, at the right time and cost, remains a critical consideration in today’s context. Globalisation, technology, and evolving ways of working have expanded the talent pool. However, organisations concurrently face heightened competition for the right people.

Workforce Planning – Advanced

This introductory course provides the foundations for approaching the development of a workforce plan in partnership with the business. It highlights the collaborative role that Human Resource professionals play in facilitating the co-development of the plan to ensure it is business owned and led.

Workforce Planning – Foundations

This course provides learners with a formula and methodology for writing allegations which are driven by procedural fairness and will work within any policy or workplace context. The course also includes guidance on the external challenges associated with reporting, including privacy, the perception of bias, and adverse action risks.

Writing Advanced Investigation Reports And Allegations

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