Navigating the Future of HR: GenAI Integration Essentials

Short Course

Course Overview

Get AI (Artificial Intelligence) empowered with this essential introductory program for HR professionals.

Prepare for the most profound transformation of the HR profession in years with this immersive short course, led by Dr. Sean Gallagher. With AI already radically affecting the way we work in HR, this course is designed to prepare you for the changes generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is bringing to the HR field, and to give you and your organisation a competitive edge for the future. Gain exclusive knowledge, new skills and the tools you need to apply GenAI to your HR profession and to transform the way you work.

With exclusive insights not available in any other AI in HR short course, including the latest AI developments, our introductory program is structured in two, convenient 90-minute live workshops with self-directed learning between sessions and post-course application.

Key course topics include understanding GenAI technology, applying AI to HR tasks, fostering an inclusive GenAI culture, managing change, constructing frameworks for AI uptake in HR, and strategising AI’s role in the HR value chain.

Key Learning Outcomes

Understand the fundamentals of GenAI technology and identify ways to apply it in HR

Use foundational knowledge of GenAI to enhance HR outcomes

Construct a framework for the low-risk uptake of AI in HR tasks for your organisation

Build a framework for implementing low risk AI to automate common HR tasks

Strategise how AI can be applied to the HR value chain

Create a strategic plan for integrating AI into one or more components of the HR value chain, considering ethical implications, data privacy, and potential biases

Identify gaps and opportunities in your organization's HR processes where AI could add value

Identify where AI can be applied to improve HR processes in their organisation

Become proficient in using AI for HR, while building an innovation mindset

Apply knowledge of AI to drive innovation in HR

Identify ways to build an inclusive GenAI culture in HR, manage change and overcome resistance to AI adoption

Influence and support others to adopt GenAI practices

Apply GenAI’s advanced analytical capabilities to complex HR task

Use GenAI to effectively analyse HR data sets

Build awareness of future developments in AI and the implications for HR and their organisation

Anticipate and adapt to major AI developments to competitively position their HR offering and organisation

Course Details

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Virtual Workshop

Learner Effort

2 x 90-minute sessions

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Course Delivery

Virtual Learning

Prepare for your own virtual workshop - comprehensive course learning materials are delivered straight to your email inbox before you participate in the live workshop.

Participate in one or more live facilitator-led 3-hour online workshops delivered via Zoom (these are generally programs with which AHRI partners with a specialist provider)

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