AHRI structure

Our members

The Australian HR Institute (AHRI) is a membership association for HR and people management professionals that is wholly owned by its members. AHRI currently has over 20,000 members nationally and across the globe.

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Our board, councils and teams

Board of Directors

Governs AHRI and vested with the overall responsibility of governance of AHRI Limited and executes this responsibility independently, in the best interests of the company

Council of State Presidents

Consists of the AHRI National President and eight elected state presidents who represent all AHRI members and ensure that the strategic interests of the HR profession are collectively voiced and addressed

State Councils

Comprises elected professional-level members in all eight states and territories to represent AHRI members and advise the AHRI Board, through the Council of State Presidents, on issues affecting the development of the profession and members within its state or territory

Financial Audit Risk Management Committee

Advises on issues of risk, control, governance and associated insurance. In accordance with the Constitution, the Directors delegate powers to the Committee which are taken to have been exercised by the Directors

Executive team

Led by AHRI Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the operational management of AHRI’s membership, AHRI:ASSIST, education and training, and events. Based in Melbourne