The Australian HR Capability Framework

sets you on the path to success

The Australian HR Capability Framework sets you on the path to success. Unlock the potential of you and your team with our essential roadmap for professional development. The HR Capability Framework defines capabilities, skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver a great employee experience and drive strong organisations. From early career to senior executives, we have it covered. Our HR Capability Framework tool assesses your skills, designs the right learning journey for you and your team, and tracks progress over time. Benchmark your capabilities against industry standards, align yourself with best and next-practice, take charge of your career progression and set yourself up for success.

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Benefits of the AHRCF

The AHRCF lays the foundations for everything AHRI offers to its members and the broader HR community. It helps you and your team to: 

Identify your current level of capability and opportunities for development

Plan career progression and professional development

Align your HR practices with best practices

Demonstrate value and impact as an HR practitioner and team

Enhance your credibility and reputation as an HR practitioner

Capability at every career stage

Student / Early Career

Individuals at this level include HR students, recent graduates, or those beginning their HR careers. They possess foundational knowledge and are in the process of expanding their practical experience. They rely on the guidance and support of experienced practitioners for mentoring and advice as they navigate the early stages of their career. Eager to learn and adaptable to new challenges, they are keen to seize opportunities for personal and professional growth. 


Mid-career professionals have accumulated experience and expertise in either generalist or specialised HR roles. They have enhanced their skills and deepened their knowledge through years of practice and often hold managerial responsibilities. These individuals are committed to advancing their careers, enhancing their competencies, and making substantial contributions to HR practice. 

Emerging leader

Emerging leaders have potential for HR leadership and the capacity to inspire and influence others. While they may not yet occupy formal leadership positions, they demonstrate strong leadership traits, including initiative and the ability to motivate others. Proactive in their development, they focus on enhancing their leadership skills and building strategic relationships across the organisation, demonstrating both elevated skills and leadership potential.

Senior Leader / Executive

Senior leaders and executives are seasoned HR practitioners with extensive experience and strategic insight. They are pivotal in setting organisational goals, shaping company culture, and driving business success. Known for their robust decision-making skills and executive presence, they lead and inspire teams to achieve ambitious organisational goals, setting the standard for excellence in leadership and HR practice.

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Grow your HR career with AHRI

As an AHRI member, you have access to the full AHRCF through your member portal as well as our HR Capability Assessment Tool. This tool provides the opportunity for individuals and teams to measure capability against the AHRCF’s standards, providing a detailed report identifying strengths and areas for growth, and targeted recommendations for development programs that enable you to confidently take the next steps in your HR career. 

The AHRCF is your roadmap to a thriving HR career and organisational excellence. To access the full benefits of the framework and the assessment tool, join AHRI today and be part of a community committed to advancing HR for the benefit of people, workplaces, and business.