Continuing professional development

Enhance your HR capability

Showcase your commitment to professional excellence and contribute to the advancement of the HR profession through continuing professional development (CPD).  

How do you benefit from CPD?

  • Helps you grow your career through exposure to new knowledge and skills
  • Increases your ability to influence and bring about positive impact within your organisation
  • Connect with industry peers, thought leaders and mentors to expand your network and exchange insights
  • Stay updated on the latest HR trends, practices and innovations
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Member CPD requirements

  • All AHRI members (except those excluded in by-law 4) must complete the minimum required hours of CPD every three years to maintain their membership level.

  • The three-year period is a rolling period, which means when a membership CPD audit is conducted you must have completed the CPD points within the previous three-year period.

  • It’s important to keep a record of your CPD activities to ensure you are meeting the requirements of your membership. Members can record your CPD in your member portal.

  • Keep evidence of your CPD including copies of your qualifications, attendance certificates, copies of articles you have written or presentations given.

  • For CPD activities undertaken through AHRI these will be automatically applied to your membership.

CPD from AHRI Events & Training

CPD points gained from attending AHRI events and training courses are automatically recorded by AHRI. Members who register for AHRI events before the registration closing date will have their CPD record updated automatically. Records will be updated at the completion of the event or training course once your attendance has been confirmed. Please allow up to 60 days from completion for your record to be updated.

Types of CPD

Formal Education

Formal education is learning undertaken in pursuit of an award or accreditation. To claim CPD points, members undertaking courses must satisfy assessment requirements.

Activities of this type include formal classroom, distance education (including online delivery) and short courses. They may be external to employment or conducted in-house. They will always include time spent in preparation and follow-up, either through lectures or self-study activities and will involve some form of assessment.

CPD points include the actual classes attended and/or research undertaken. For distance learning, estimate the equivalent number of hours of formal face-to-face education that would have been involved.


Learning Activities

This area covers recognised and structured training that is not part of a formal award or accreditation process, and generally does not involve structured assessment.

Learning activities can include:

  • Non-assessed courses offered by education and learning institutions, professional bodies and employers (delivered face-to-face, distance and online)
  • Attendance at professional HR events such as AHRI network forum presentations
  • Non-assessed professional training organised through the employer



You can claim conference attendance as CPD provided the content relates to your professional development.

CPD points are generally calculated on the basis of the number of hours spent attending formal presentations and exclude meal breaks, social events and travelling.


Presentation of Papers/Contribution to intellectual capital

You can claim CPD points for preparation and presentation at conferences, symposia, seminars, articles, blogs etc. which are conducted beyond normal employment.

For this to be considered CPD, it must extend knowledge in your area of HR practice and contribute to your capabilities as a HR professional.

CPD points are generally calculated on the basis of the number of hours required in preparing, researching and presenting.


  • Presenting at an AHRI network forum, webinar or event
  • Presentations in academic contexts such as university conferences or symposia
  • Writing a HR blog

Industry Involvement

HR professionals employed in academic positions are expected to foster links with industry for the benefit of HR education, research and practice in Australia.

This requirement also ensures that academics are exposed to development in HR practices outside their university or TAFE institution.

Industry involvement can include:

  • Consulting services
  • Industry partnership/supervision in research
  • Sabbaticals to industry and return to industry
  • Industry committees for course development

CPD hours are calculated based on the number of hours of involvement.

Service to the HR Profession

Service to the profession is a valid form of CPD particularly where it extends the development of the person making the contribution.

For AHRI members, service to the HR profession may include:

  • Standing as an AHRI council member
  • Volunteering as an AHRI network convenor and committee member
  • Judging for the AHRI Awards programs
  • Contribution to AHRI committees and panels
  • Participating in an AHRI Mentoring Program as a mentor
  • Writing articles for HR or business magazines or journals
  • Participation in AHRI research

CPD hours are calculated based on the number of hours of actual involvement.

Informal Learning

There is considerable scope for informal learning away from the work environment. Discussion groups, webinars, books, journals, newspapers, television, and radio programs provide a wealth of professional development material.


CPD points are calculated based on the number of hours of actual involvement.

CPD Audit

AHRI conducts an annual CPD audit, for all members required to record CPD activity.

Members will be contacted throughout the audit if AHRI seeks further clarification on their CPD activities.

Please contact the member services should you have any questions

Upcoming CPD opportunities

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  1. Login to your profile
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select My Dashboard
  4. Select My CPD under the My Account menu option
  5. Your CPD snapshot will appear. Scroll the page to see where you can enter further items.
  6. Enter the required fields:
    1. Date Completed
    2. Points (1 point = 1 hour)
    3. Type
    4. Provider
    5. Description of CPD Activity
  7. Select the Submit button to apply new record

AHRI recommends that you update your CPD record on a monthly basis, but you may choose to update your record more regularly.

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Please allow up to eight weeks for the points to appear in your online CPD record.

Mentees and Mentors receive 32 CPD points for completing the program. These points will automatically be applied to your membership profile at the completion of the program.

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As a professional member undertaking CPD, you will have multiple options for accruing CPD hours. We do understand that members outside of Australia or in remote locations will have limited opportunities to complete any AHRI short courses or attend events. However, there are many other activities that you can complete to accrue CPD points.

For example, you may attend any HR related short courses, events, conferences and seminars near you (they do not need to be formally recognised by AHRI) and the number of hours you spent at the course or event can be recorded as CPD hours in your AHRI online CPD record. These activities can include in-house training or training completed outside of work hours. You may also consider AHRI’s elearning courses and webinars when planning your professional development.

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