AHRI submissions

AHRI advocates on key issues that affect workplace matters, and the HR profession, on many levels, including presenting evidence to government agencies and royal commissions. Below you can see a list of all of AHRI’s past submissions to government.

Access any of the submissions by clicking the text links below.



The Industrial Relations and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, AHRI’s submission to the Queensland Parliament Education, Employment and Training Committee



JobMaker Hiring Credit Rules Submission, 26 November


Submission to SafeWork NSW on Managing the Risks to Psychological Health – Draft Code of Practice, October


Submission to the Australian Government’s Industrial Relations Reforms 2020 Cooperative Workplaces, August. This submission was prepared on behalf of AHRI by an Industrial Relations Working Group consisting of AHRI members, specialist advisors and employees: Lisa Mannering, Leisa Messer, Natalie Morris, Colleen McAleese, Briarna Hughes, Sarah McCann-Bartlett, Elaina Pittas, Nick Ruskin, Susan Sadler, Gerry Treuren and Donna Young.


Cooperative Workplaces Submission, 9 April