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Conversations to inspire HR.

Conversations to inspire HR professionals

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Meet the host

Shelley Johnson is the founder of an HR consultancy and a proud AHRI member.

She has led large HR teams for over a decade, coaching executives to become stand-out leaders and build cultures that get their people excited.

Shelley is an experienced podcaster and a highly qualified practitioner, with a Master of Human Resource Management and a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Development under her belt.

Her work as an HR professional has been featured in many major publications and news outlets across Australia and internationally.

Season 1

Episode 4

Building stronger relationships at work with Michael Bungay Stanier

A key part of being an effective HR practitioner is about building strong, strategic and trusting relationships with key stakeholders in order to build your influence and help move your organisation towards its goals.
In this episode, coaching expert and author Michael Bungay Stanier shares insights from his latest book ‘How To Work With (Almost) Anyone’ and provides listeners with insights to make their relationships at work more effective and resilient.

Episode 3

Doing HR differently with Lucy Adams

In a world where the HR profession has been elevated to new heights, how can HR professionals maintain the momentum they’ve gained over the past few years to continue adding strategic value to a business’s long-term goals? 

In this episode, we speak with Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR and former HR Director at the BBC, who shares her thoughts on fresh ways to think about HR, including her EACH framework, (which stands for Employees as Adults, Consumers and Humans), and shares practical examples of different ways organisations are trialling new ways of working.

Episode 2

Rethinking learning and development with Rod Farmer

In episode two of AHRI’s new podcast, host Shelley Johnson speaks with McKinsey and Company’s Expert Associate Partner Rod Farmer about how HR professionals can get cut through with their learning and development programs.

We’re moving from a jobs-based economy to a skills-based economy, says Farmer, which is why we need to rethink how we embed the right skills in our organisations. He shares useful frameworks and an interesting case study from some work he’s done with the Department of Regional NSW to create more digital literacy within its workforce. 

Episode 1

Designing a culture journey with Shane Hatton

In the inaugural episode of AHRI’s brand-new podcast, we dive into all things culture with Shane Hatton, a renowned culture and leadership expert and author. Shane shares a range of helpful frameworks, a case study demonstrating how an organisation got collective buy-in for its new culture, and practical advice that any HR professional listening can take away and apply to their organisation, no matter what industry they work in.

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