Strategic Talent Management: Building & Developing an Effective Talent Framework

Short Course

Course Overview

Tailored for HR Directors, this course navigates the complexities of talent management implementation. Participants embark on a journey exploring talent management’s evolution, securing board buy-in, assessing organisational readiness, and initiating cultural change. Attention then shifts to integrating the talent framework within the HR Function, co-designing tailored talent programs, and orchestrating inclusive employee development. The course culminates in a collaborative session where learners strategise and plan their talent management framework implementation, refining strategies alongside industry peers. By course end, participants emerge equipped with actionable plans for effective execution and deployment of their talent management framework and associated programs. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Develop a persuasive business case to secure Board buy-in for talent management initiatives.

Conduct a thorough assessment of organisational readiness and capability to effectively implement talent management strategies.

Establish the HR function to facilitate and support the implementation of the talent management framework and associated programs.

Collaborate with line management to co-design an agile and adaptable talent management framework.

Successfully deploy the talent management framework and associated programs across the organisation.

Generate practical outcomes that contribute to the success and sustainability of talent management initiatives.

Course Details

Delivery Mode

Virtual Workshop

Learner Effort

4 x 3-hour sessions

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Course Delivery

Virtual Learning

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Participate in one or more live facilitator-led 3-hour online workshops delivered via Zoom (these are generally programs with which AHRI partners with a specialist provider)

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