AHRI Mentoring Program 2024

One-to-one support and coaching to guide your personal and professional development, at each stage of your HR career.

Build connections that will support and guide you, at every stage of your career journey

AHRI’s HR Mentoring Program offers both mentors and mentees time to focus on personal development and practice key skills that will boost career opportunities.

Registrations for the 2024 HR Mentoring Program have now closed. Stay tuned for when registrations open for 2025.

Seek impartial support and guidance

HR mentoring supports HR practitioners to build trusted relationships across the profession, for objective support and guidance navigating challenges and opportunities.

Refocus on personal career goals

HR mentoring provides regular opportunities to pause and consider your career pathway and identify gaps in existing skills and knowledge to guide your learning and development objectives.

Develop leadership and coaching skills

HR mentoring provides an open environment to offer and receive constructive feedback, supporting meaningful development of your leadership and coaching capabilities.

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HR mentoring provides benefits for the entire HR profession

  • Mentoring encourages the continuous sharing of knowledge and experience across workplaces.
  • Mentoring offers a wider understanding of opportunities and challenges experienced across the HR profession.
  • Mentoring supports active reflection on current practices and inspires innovation across organisations.
  • Mentoring cultivates meaningful development of essential leadership and coaching skills.

2024 Program Structure

AHRI has partnered with the Art of Mentoring to deliver our HR mentoring program, which will run from March to November in 2024. Throughout the program, mentors and mentees will have exclusive access to training sessions, supporting resources, and regular mentoring meetings designed to facilitate effective discussions, exchange ideas, and set goals for further development.

Confirm your registration

Registrations for the 2024 HR Mentoring Program have now closed. Stay tuned for when registrations open for 2025.

Complete your mentoring profile

From mid-January, all registered participants will receive an email with instructions on how to complete their online mentoring profile and an online training module before the program commences.

Find your mentoring partner

AHRI’s program facilitators, the Art of Mentoring, will map the information provided in each mentoring profile to inform the best pairings, based on experience, skills and learning objectives for the program. All participants will be notified of their 2024 mentor/mentee match on Tuesday 12 March.

Attend program launch [online]

All participants are required to attend the virtual program launch session on Wednesday 20 March 2pm ADST where the Art of Mentoring will outline expectations for all participants, facilitate introductions across the 2024 cohort, and answer any questions about the program.

Schedule your first mentoring session

Throughout the program, mentors and mentees are expected to be in contact at least once a month. AHRI will send regular emails to support all participants during the program, providing helpful tips and resources for both mentors and mentees.

Mid-program check-in

All 2024 mentors will be invited to a mid-program workshop in Thursday 11 July to discuss key insights and perspectives from the mentoring journey so far, and seek advice and guidance from the wider cohort.

Mentees will also receive a video guide on best practice to support participants review their progress and making any necessary adjustments for the remainder of the program.

Complete the program

All 2024 participants will have completed their final session prior to Tuesday 31 October, before the program finishes on Friday 13 November. After this date all participants will receive a certificate of completion and 32 CPD points in recognition of their learning.

Eligibility Information

Register as either a mentor or mentee before Monday 12 February to be paired with a mentoring partner in the 2024 program.


Eligibility Criteria

  • You hold an active AHRI membership (Graduate level or above).

Eligibility Criteria

  • You hold an active AHRI membership (Professional level or above) with at least 5+ years of HR experience.
  • You currently live in Australia, to support requests for guidance on domestic work practices.

AHRI’s Mentoring Program is just one of many benefits available to AHRI members.

Frequently asked questions

AHRI’s Mentoring Program is available for all AHRI members (Graduate Level and above). Mentors must hold an active AHRI membership (Professional level or above), with 5+ years’ experience as an HR professional in Australia.

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Mentees pay $242 inc. GST to participate in the 2024 program. Mentors volunteer their time and are not charged to participate in the program.

Registrations for the 2024 HR Mentoring Program have now closed. Stay tuned for when registrations open for 2025.

AHRI recommends that participants choose to focus their participation on a single role each year, due to the time commitment to participate fully.

Yes, mentors can opt to have up to two mentees. Mentors should carefully consider the time and commitment needed to mentor before opting to take on a second mentee. It will be up to each pair to establish their own timetables for their one-to-one meetings, which should take place at least monthly throughout the program.

Absolutely! Your participation in the program is confidential and you will agree how you will handle confidentiality with your mentoring partner, before the program commences.

Mentees and Mentors receive 32 CPD points for completing the program. These points will automatically be applied to your membership profile at the completion of the program.

This is a relationship that is outside the manager – direct report relationship. If a mentee is employed at their mentor’s organisation, the pair will be reassigned to maintain the safe space provided by this relationship.

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If you need more information on our mentoring program, AHRI’s Member Support Team is here to help guide you on your professional journey.