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AHRI accredited courses

AHRI recognises that each institution and course is unique. Furthermore, we acknowledge that fundamentally, the academic quality and standards of courses related to professional preparation are primarily secured by the internal quality assurance processes of the institutions.

As the Australian HR professional association, AHRI needs to be involved with the education of people entering the profession, as well as those already within the profession.

Through the application of the AHRI HR Capability Framework, the ongoing development of curriculum in Australia will continue to reflect the changing requirements of Australian business.

The period for accreditation of an AHRI accredited course is generally three (3) years. After this period, the education provider will need to apply for reaccreditation of the course. However, where a course is scheduled for significant impending change or is in teach-out mode, the National Accreditation Committee may only approve the accreditation of a course for a 12-month / one (1) year period. As part of AHRI’s management of the course accreditation process, the education provider will be notified by AHRI when a course is due for reaccreditation.

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Credit Transfer to the AHRI Practising Certification Program (APC)

Credit Transfer recognises previously completed formal training and/or qualifications. Your previous postgraduate study may count towards credits for APC Program units. AHRI will consider AHRI accredited qualifications completed within the last 10 years.

If your qualifications are more than 10 years old, you can still apply to demonstrate that you have maintained involvement in the subject area, hence ensuring the currency of your knowledge and skills.

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