Kylie Terrell

National Convention & Exhibition 2022

Monday 15 August – Wednesday 17 August


Developing your EVP: How to attract, engage and retain top talent

Kylie Terrell, Director of Consultancy at Reward Gateway, Reward Gateway

Kylie Terrell has partnered with HR leaders across Australia & New Zealand for over 10 years to design and deliver strategic employee engagement programs that have employees at the heart. Responsible for helping organisations bring their purpose, mission and values to life across numerous best in class engagement programs, Kylie is driven to help businesses use Engagement as a core lever for success.

Passionate about leveraging technology to build better connections, she is an advocate for peer led recognition as an engagement driver having seen the positive effects it can have on culture and engagement first hand. Her area of expertise lies in the delivery and analysis of surveys, facilitating focus groups and strategic program design, supporting leadership education and change and of course thoughtful, engaging marketing/communications strategy.

Overview of presentation

A recent Reward Gateway study showed that 73% of Australian HR Managers feel that cost of living increases are negatively impacting the work of employees. 

And, in the current economic climate, we’re all a little budget conscious. Though, with finances seemingly tight – how do we make sure we’re delivering an effective EVP that will attract top talent, and retain the key players in our business? 

Join us for a practical, interactive workshop to learn how to become an employer of choice, while creating and communicating a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that will draw the attention of top talent.

In this workshop, Reward Gateway’s Employee Engagement Journalist Ryan McGrory will unpack the evolving employer-employee relationship and deliver tangible takeaways to help you build your EVP strategy in a cost-constrained environment.