Exhibition Seminar schedule

National Convention & Exhibition 2022

Monday 15 August – Wednesday 17 August


2022 Exhibition Seminars

Come and hear from industry experts as they cover a range of HR topics to help drive innovation and build capability into your organisation. The free exhibition seminars cover the latest training topics, product demonstrations and case studies for your professional development.

Day 1: Tuesday 16 August 2022

SessionTimeOrganisationSpeaker & Topic
109:40 – 10.10Reward Gateway

Kylie Terrell: “Developing your EVP: How to attract, engage and retain top talent”

10.10 – 11.00MORNING TEA
211.00 – 11.30ParadoxIan McCreery: “Faster and Better: How Global Companies are Combating the Talent Shortage with Automation and Consumer-Grade Experiences”
311.35 – 12.05CornerstoneBen Smart: “Skills: The language of the modern workforce”
4/2d12.10 – 12.40ELMO SoftwareMonica Watt: “The Era of Choice: Empowering Employees in the New World of Work”
512:45 – 1:15CeridianBrian Donn and Rich Hirst: “Not quite disruption-proof”
1.05 – 2.10LUNCH
6/3d 2.10 – 2.40IndeedRachael Townsley: “Show Them Who You Are – How to win the battle for talent through transparency”
72.45 – 3.15Go1Natasha Dunn: “Employee development fuelling business growth”
3.10 – 3.50AFTERNOON TEA
83.50 – 4.20WorkForce SoftwareNick Bailey and Joshua Reader: “The Journey Towards a Modern Workforce Era on a Single Platform”
94.25 – 4.55SAP LitmosPhil Tutty: “The Training Transformation within Digital Transformation”

Day 2: Wednesday 17 August 2022

SessionTimeOrganisationSpeaker & Topic
1009:40 – 10.10


Trent Innes: “How this secret coffee cup test rattled the way we think about culture”
10.10 – 11.00MORNING TEA
1111.00 – 11.30

Culture Amp

Dr Joel Davies: “Development done right: unpacking the L&D strategies that make learning stick and motivate employees”
1211.35 – 12.05


Rebecca Skilbeck: “Master your metrics: 5 key measures to prove your ROI”
13/5d12.10 – 12.40

Globalization Partners 

Craig Goldblatt and David Young: “Building a future-ready workforce at scale and speed”
1412:45 – 1:15


Karlie Cremin: “Digital Transformation of Employee Experience”
1.05 – 2.10LUNCH
152.10 – 2.40


Damien Andreasen and Abbey Gladysz: “How HR tech drives company culture and employee experience”


Christine Khor: “Show me the money!!! Amplifying the impact of our Learning and Development Dollar”

3.10 – 3.50AFTERNOON TEA