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Paula Goodwin FCPHR · AHRI ACT State Councillor · Group Executive Enterprise Services at Bureau of Meteorology

KEYNOTE: Psychosocial wellbeing and organisational capability to prepare, equip and support people through change

Organisations nationwide are assessing or re-assessing psychosocial hazards in the workplace following Work Health & Safety regulatory changes in 2022.

Safe Work Australia’s Model Code of Practice calls out poor organisational change management as one hazard to be identified, assessed, controlled, and reviewed.

How well do you prepare, equip and support people through change? How do you measure this? How does good organisational change management (OCM) control other hazards in the Code?

In this engaging session, Prosci’s Global Chief Innovation Officer will share what 25 years of research tells us about good OCM, how government and private organisations around the world are assessing and benchmarking current OCM capability, and what reasonably practicable steps you can take to minimise psychosocial risks stemming from poor OCM.


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PANEL DISCUSSION: Talent and attraction in the competitive market and innovations in recruitment and onboarding

This will be an engaging panel discussion on how private and public sector organisations can use strategic recruitment and Employee Value Propositions to attract and retain in-demand talent.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, acquiring and retaining top-tier talent is more challenging than ever. Our panel of industry experts will delve into innovative strategies that organisations can adopt to identify, engage, and secure in-demand capabilities.

Gain insights into crafting a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that resonates with candidates’ aspirations, while exploring tactical approaches to stay ahead in the race for talent acquisition and retention.

CASE STUDY: The impact of HR in driving organisational transformation

In this session our presenters will share real case study examples that demonstrate how HR can impact and drive transformation in an organisation, with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

Ros Tregurtha FCPHR will share her experiences as Chief People & Sustainability Offer at Domain Group. Following the arrival of the new CEO in 2018 a transformation was undertaken with diversity training and the resetting of the purpose and values. The values were then brought into everything the HR team delivered over the subsequent years.


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FIRESIDE CHAT: What does true workforce transformation look like, and what have we learnt to date?

The Australian Public Service (APS) is amid a significant reform agenda. Join Dr Rachel Bacon and Jacqui Curtis for a fireside chat as they discuss transformation and the impact of the human resources function in supporting large-scale transformation.

Learn from two leading Senior Executives as they share the unique challenges, conscious decision making, and lessons they’ve learnt leading transformation in the APS.

This will be an interactive and practical discussion which will immerse the audience in the journey to shift the mindset, culture, and capability across the service.

KEYNOTE: Psychosocial safety and wellbeing for First Nations employees

In today’s diverse workforce, First Nations employees often grapple with unique pressures that go beyond typical job-related stressors. From managing the cultural load and confronting personal to institutional racism, to addressing lateral violence, these challenges are multifaceted.

Outside the workplace, as members of an oppressed minority within a colonial majority society and being rooted in collective-based cultures, First Nations people encounter added societal pressures. A pertinent example is the heightened public scrutiny and political discourse surrounding First Nations issues, placing many unwittingly at the centre of national conversations. Expectations at work to serve as “experts” on matters like “the voice” and the impending referendum further solidify these challenges.

Join us for an enlightening discussion as we delve into these complexities and explore strategies for businesses to operate in a more respectful, culturally responsive manner, ensuring an inclusive environment for all.


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KEYNOTE: Future-Ready Leaders

COVID-19 changed our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine, and the real disruption is still to come. The future of work will be even more disruptive and uncertain – influenced by climate change, working from home, diversity and inclusion, Generation Z in the workforce, AI and automation, changes in global economic power, and more.

If your people are burnt out, fed up, falling behind, and pushing back, you’re not alone! More than ever, we need leaders to step up and lead the way – providing clarity and confidence when they face chaos and confusion.

The future of work is about skills, not jobs; diversity, not hierarchy; and meaning, not just money. HR professionals play a vital role in attracting, engaging, nurturing, retaining, and rewarding the best people.

If you think there’s been a war for talent, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The best people can – and will – choose where, when, how, and for whom they work. Will you create the sort of workplace that will attract and keep them? And are you the sort of leader they want to follow?

KEYNOTE: Building wellbeing and resilience in high trauma settings

Fortem works with individuals from organisations where there is high stress and likely trauma.

John will talk through the key elements of Fortem’s wellbeing and resilience programs and identity the key areas that have supported healthier people and better culture.


Paula Goodwin FCPHR · AHRI ACT State Councillor · Group Executive Enterprise Services at Bureau of Meteorology


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