National Convention & Exhibition 2024


20 – 22 AUGUST 2024


Hear from inspiring local and international thought leaders in HR and business.

Keynote 1

Tuesday 20 August

8.30am – 10.10am

The deconstruction of jobs and the reconstruction of work

In an increasingly machine-augmented world, learning, unlearning, and relearning is pivotal to the future of organisations and talent. The right question isn’t ‘which jobs are going to be replaced’ but rather ‘what work will be redefined, and how’. The future of work requires the ability to ensure that the organisation, its work, and workforce are reinvented to ensure continued relevance particularly in a context which is perpetually rendering them obsolete.

Keynote 2

Tuesday 20 August

4.05pm – 5.00pm

Where did all the workers go? About the 2030 team member

It was always going to happen. A baby boom in the 1950s converts into a worker shortage in the 2050s. In this session, the highly regarded demographer and media commentator Bernard Salt explains why the labour force pool is smaller today than it has been in the past. And what this means for human resources in the future: string immigration, greater workforce turnover, and increased use of technology. One thing is certain: the workforce of the future needs to be better skilled, more trained and even more flexible. In other words, there is lots to do in the HR space to prepare for a bigger, more flexible, and better trained workforce by 2030. Join Bernard as he unpacks HR’s future challenges and opportunities.

Keynote 3

Wednesday 21 August

8.45am – 10.10am

Cultivating Authenticity and Vulnerability in the Workplace

At a time when authenticity and vulnerability are becoming increasingly valued in professional environments, organisations are recognizing the profound impact these qualities can have on employee engagement, team dynamics, and organisational culture. This exclusive keynote presentation will delve into the central theme of “how to be real at work.” Tired of the outdated notion that professionalism requires concealing our true selves behind a facade of invulnerability, we will explore the profound impact of embracing authenticity.

Dr Pippa Grange, a renowned applied psychologist, and people and culture thought leader, will explore how dismantling the expectation to conform to rigid roles champions genuine human connection in the workplace. Through real world examples Dr Grange will illustrate how fostering an environment where employees feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work leads to enhanced collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

By shedding the masks of performance and embracing vulnerability, organisations can cultivate a culture of psychological safety where individuals thrive. Learn how HR professionals can pave the way for authenticity, not merely as a nicety, but as a critical performance factor essential for driving sustainable growth and fostering a workplace culture where every voice is heard and valued.

Keynote 4

Wednesday 21 August

2.45pm – 3.40pm

Tiny tweaks, big shifts: The small steps that lead to massive change

How do you achieve dramatic improvement? Driving real change requires adopting new behaviours—yet our brains resist. It is difficult to change entrenched habits.

Dr Amantha Imber reveals psychological insights that drive transformation. Learn tactics to identify mental roadblocks and “glitches” thwarting progress and discover tiny tweaks that pay huge dividends in cementing new habits and high-performance behaviours. Join us to create a practical blueprint for shepherding change at any level.

Keynote 5

Thursday 22 August

8.45am – 10.00am

Management, leadership and work worth doing: Creating organisations of significance

In an era marked by economic instability and the rise of remote work, disconnection, and disengagement are prevalent. Drawing from his latest work, renowned author and thought leader, Seth Godin explores his soulful re-envisioning of work and leadership in today’s world.

Through his latest work, Godin presents a compelling exploration into the current state of work, delving into why it has deteriorated and what leaders can do to initiate positive change. He advocates for the creation of organisations that prioritise significance, emphasising the importance of empowerment, trust, and inclusivity.

Guided by Seth Godin’s powerful message, “Humans aren’t a resource. They are the point”, we explore how to implement meaningful organisational change. Whether you’re a manager seeking to inspire your team or an individual striving for more fulfilling work, this session offers practical strategies for building a workplace where everyone can thrive.

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