National Convention & Exhibition 2024


20 – 22 AUGUST 2024

Dr Pippa Grange

Applied psychologist, author, people and culture thought leader


Pippa Grange is a doctor of psychology with a 25+ year career working with individuals, teams and organisations who want to find the ‘sweet spot’ between winning and doing so with sound, sustainable cultures and performers who stay whole and ‘intact’ psychologically. The golden thread through Pippa’s body of work is the idea that the quality and character of relationships that we have with ourselves, each other and the world we are part of is the key determinant of ‘success’ and what in her book Fear Less she describes as ‘winning deep’. 

The first half of her career was spent applying these skills largely to elite sport and business, teams and organisations who were in pursuit of big ambitions while navigating the challenges of ego, perfectionism, fear, competitive tension, identity, ethics and whether or not they were good enough. This work was underpinned by a Doctor of applied psychology in performance and a Vincent Fairfax Fellowship in ethical leadership.     

More recently Pippa has evolved her practice and her perspective on psychology – what matters and what works for the world we live in today. Performance at life in her view, has become unimaginative and static. Her work today focuses on ways that we can be in the world that are less destructive (individualistic, colonialistic, anthropocentric) and more creative, interdependent, whole and progressive. Her practice today includes ‘rewilding the psyche’ for leaders and leadership teams, rewilding our ideas about healthy performance, assessing and reworking narrative frameworks and behaviours and challenging practices that no longer serve in teams and organisations.