National Convention & Exhibition 2024


20 – 22 AUGUST 2024


Take yourself, your team and your organisation to the next level with our deep-dive sessions.

1c Deep-dive

Tuesday 20 August

11.00am – 12.45pm

Empowering us to take control and be co-creators of an inclusive workplace: Inclusive coworker behaviours

A lot of time and energy is spent by HR creating inclusive workplaces through focusing on organisational policies and processes and, more recently, developing inclusive leadership capabilities. Both these focus areas are vital, but there’s a third and final area that HR needs to focus to accelerate the DEI journey: the day-to-day behaviours employees demonstrate towards their colleagues. Given the frequency of daily touchpoints with our peers relative to organisational policies/processes and leader interactions, it’s fair to say that ‘peers make place’. In this interactive presentation, Dr Juliet Bourke will share her most recent research identifying the three types of small coworker behaviours that create inclusive workplaces and the difference those behaviours make to individual job performance and team effectiveness. She will also discuss how we each tend to distribute inclusive coworker behaviours (CIBs) unevenly amongst our peers, and why that is a self-defeating behaviour in terms of accessing diversity of thinking and building one’s own human capital. Finally, she will deliver a message of empowerment, showing us how, by attending to CIBs, all employees can actively shape their micro-environments so that they become even more like the place they aspire to work in.

3c Deep Dive

Tuesday 20 August

1.45pm – 3.35pm

Future Proofing with Learning Agility

AI-driven innovation and disruption means that organisations must rapidly adapt and embrace transformation, even as they continue to run BAU and deliver value. This session will arm HR professionals with techniques and frameworks to build a culture of learning within their organisations even as they become learning champions who can better adapt and embrace change.

Participants will leave the session with practical techniques to shift their organisational systems and culture, even as they embrace smarter learning hacks to accelerate their own development and career.

5c Deep Dive 

Wednesday 21 August

11.00am – 12.45pm

No thanks Kevin: The revolutionary way to create lasting change

Organisations are encountering dramatic levels of change and transformation. This requires vastly different mindsets and behaviours at work.  The biggest block to employees adopting new ways of working are their internal narratives and emotions getting in the way. Dr Adam Fraser’s presentation explores how psychology has dramatically changed its approach to stopping our thoughts and emotions getting in the way of our progress and evolution. Learn a practical four-step process that will completely change the relationship you have with your mind. And walk away with resources that you can share with your team and organisation. Who is Kevin, I hear you ask? All will be revealed in the presentation.

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