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Effective Interviewing and Selection Skills

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Course Overview - Effective Interviewing and Selection SkillsSelecting the best person for a job role is a critical skill for those with hiring responsibilities. Hiring decisions can impact the organisation’s performance and selecting the right job candidates is integral to business success. Managers and HR practitioners need to understand how to apply an effective, reliable […]

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HR for Non-HR People

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Course Overview - HR for Non-HR PeopleThe HR for Non-HR Managers course is designed to upskill managers to give them the competence needed to effectively manage everyday human resource needs and challenges within their workforce. The course examines the main human resource components within the employment lifecycle – from recruitment to retirement. Alongside this, the […]

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Creating High Performance Teams

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Course Overview - Creating High Performance TeamsHigh performing work teams are essential to organisational effectiveness. Creating and sustaining a high performing team requires concerted effort, structured ways of working, and exemplary leadership. Coaching skills help leaders take an active role in addressing and responding to the specific needs of their team to improve capability and […]

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Change Management

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Course Overview - Change ManagementThis course is designed to provide learners with the ability to understand change dynamics at an individual, team and organisational level to successfully implement change. The course provides learners with the tools to identify the change lifecycle steps required to effectively manage change using the most appropriate change management model and […]

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Leadership and Management Essentials

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Course Overview - Leadership and Management EssentialsWhen stepping into a management role, the challenge shifts from personal performance to assuming responsibility for the effective functioning and performance of a work team.This course provides a suite of tools and models for approaching the management of a work team. The course examines employing a variety of leadership […]

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Internal HR Consulting Skills

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Course Overview - Internal HR Consulting SkillsOrganisations are experiencing unprecedented levels of change in an uncertain economic environment – with global competitors, rapidly changing markets, increasing customer demands, and more stringent regulation and compliance requirements. This has a significant impact on the way in which HR professionals consult with their business partners in their organisation […]

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Applied Emotional Intelligence

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Course Overview - Applied Emotional IntelligenceEmotion has a significant impact on an individuals’ performance. Research shows that people perform their best at work when they feel involved in purposeful work that develops who they are, and when they feel valued, cared for, consulted, respected, informed and understood. Conversely, research also shows that people often perform […]

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