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We encourage you to provide feedback throughout the program. Want to have your mentoring relationship profiled in AHRI's HRM magazine and HRMonline? Please contact us to be considered for this opportunity. Email [email protected] or call 03 9918 9247 to discuss.

For questions about the program please see the FAQs or email us for more information.


FAQs for current participants

Q. My mentoring partnership is not working out for me; what should I do?

Should mentors/mentees feel they are not suited or are having issues with the relationship, please contact [email protected] to discuss the situation. These situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis and outcomes may vary depending on the specific situation.

If for any reason you are unable to continue with the mentoring program you should contact [email protected] as soon as possible or call us on 03 9918 9247 to discuss options.

Q. I have tried contacting my mentor/mentee but have not heard back, what should I do?

It is important to realise that mentors/mentees may have many pressures on their time and to be patient. If you have been unsuccessful in reaching the mentoring partner in a reasonable amount of time please contact [email protected]. These situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis and outcomes may vary depending on the specific situation.

We often find that it is simply a case of changed contact details/email and the problem can be resolved quickly for you but we will let you know as soon as we make contact and the outcome for you.

Q. I need to withdraw from the program, whom do I notify?

We will need official withdrawal notification from you in writing (email [email protected]) or call 03 9918 9247 to discuss your options. We will then contact your mentor/mentee to inform them of your withdrawal.

We also recommend that you notify your mentee/mentor as a courtesy of your withdrawal from the program as many mentors would view this as an opportunity for feedback on how they can improve their mentoring skills.

A full refund is available to those mentees that have paid the $220 mentoring fee, when AHRI is notified in writing of withdrawal prior to the program start, or minus $55 admin fee if they withdrawal within 30 days of the mentoring program commencing.

Q. Can I apply to be part of the program more than once?

Both mentees and mentors can be part of the program as often as they like. We have some mentors who have been part of the program year after year and speak of the benefits of being a mentor highly and continue to enjoy being a mentor.

Mentees can also take part in the program as often as they like as their career develops and evolves or their goals shift. Most people will tend to need more than one mentor, as you are not likely or very lucky to have all goals met by the one mentor.

Q. What do we talk about?

It is a good idea to plan meetings ahead and set goals for each meeting. The mentee can develop a list of questions they would like advice or feedback on and the mentor could develop a list of experiences they wish to share which may help the mentee. It is important to keep the discussions to work related issues that will assist in the professional development of the mentee and mentor.

Wondering what to discuss at your first meeting? Here are some suggestions:

  • Backgrounds and interests
  • What challenges you might be facing
  • What your expectations of the program are
  • What HR topics you want to cover
  • Set goals and/or timelines for the year
  • What format the sessions might take e.g. formal (agendas) or more flexible
  • Identify upcoming dates that might impact the program e.g. holidays/work commitments
  • Setting calendar dates/meetups/skype sessions etc.

Q. Can the mentoring relationship continue after the AHRI mentoring program is completed?

The mentoring relationship can be continued informally once the mentoring program is completed, however the relationship will not be acknowledged by AHRI. Both mentor and mentee are welcome to apply for the program the following year; however they will be assigned different partners.

Mentees are also encouraged to become mentors after they have completed the program, if they feel they have the necessary experience (minimum of four years’ experience).

Q. I have recently finished my mentoring program and would like to have my mentoring partnership profiled in the AHRI HRM magazine and HRMonline. How do I apply for consideration?

We love being able to share stories of our mentoring program partnerships with the rest of AHRI and other HR professionals. If you and your mentee/mentor are keen to be profiled for our HRM magazine and online, please email [email protected]

Q. How often should I meet with my mentor/mentee?

To benefit from the mentoring relationship, mentors and mentees should have at least one hour contact a month. Pairs may meet more regularly and are encouraged to do so. Timing of meetings may change during the relationship as the needs of the mentor/mentee change and this is up to the pair to manage.

You can organise meetings via email, phone, Skype or face to face (where possible) during or outside of work hours, and this is to be discussed and agreed upon at your initial meeting.