Who can apply

You can be a mentee if you...

  • Have an active AHRI Membership
  • Have completed a HR qualification and want to get job ready
  • Working in HR and want to learn more about specific HR topics OR
  • Working in HR and want to progress your HR career OR
  • Working in a non-HR role with HR elements and wanting to transition into a HR role
  • Currently undertaking the AHRI Practising Certification (APC) Program and wish to be mentored by an APC graduate (CPHR)

You can be a mentor if you...

  • Have an active AHRI membership
  • Currently living in Australia, to meet the demand of mentees requesting guidance on domestic work practices.
  • 5+ years’ HR experience and want to build your mentoring skills OR
  • 5+ years’ HR experience or Graduate of the APC Program and want to give back to the HR profession

Eligibility for mentees

Mentees can be experienced HR professionals at all levels and with any number of years’ HR experience, and may be seeking to improve professionally or progress their career. Choose the mentoring program that best suits you and complete the online application form.

HR professionals program

Mentees with 12+ months’ HR work experience

Mentees participating in the AHRI Practising Certification Program

New to HR program

Mentees can be HR graduates; have fewer than 12 months’ HR work experience; or moving to HR role from non-HR role

Unsure which program is right for you? Contact us or call 03 9918 9247 to discuss.

Eligibility for mentors

Mentors must have at least four years’ HR experience to apply. As a mentor you can choose the program/s you prefer when completing your online application.

The matching committee will do their best to meet your requests but cannot guarantee that you will be matched with a mentee from your preferred program/s.

HR professionals program

Mentors with 5+years’ HR experience


New to HR program

Mentors with 5+ years’ HR experience


ou can choose to have one or two mentees in your mentor application. It is recommended that you spend at least one hour per month per mentee, but personal requirements should also be considered. Many mentoring pairs communicate on a more regular basis than the recommended minimum and this should also be taken into account. If you choose to take on two mentees, please ensure you have enough time for each of them.

AHRI membership

The mentoring program is run exclusively for AHRI members. All participants must be AHRI members or take out an AHRI membership to be involved in the program. 

If you currently have an AHRI student membership and finishing your studies, upgrade to a Graduate Membership to participate in the AHRI Mentoring Program. Upgrade now

Not currently an AHRI member? You need to apply to be an AHRI member before you can join the mentoring program.

Please allow adequate time for your membership application to be processed. Become a member or call 1300811880 to speak to a Member Career Partner.