What participants say

The AHRI mentoring program matches an average of 300 pairs of mentors and mentees every year, leading to many rewarding professional partnerships that continue long after the program. No wonder that some mentors and mentees have been repeat participants in the program, continuing to share their HR experiences and support one another progress their careers.

Here are a few personal words from both past and current mentoring participants.

Tanya and Jean, NSW 2017

“Being a mentor enabled me to practice the role of listening… I was Jean’s sounding board. What I learned from this was how integral it is for new starters in the industry to have somebody else to simply talk through their day: the challenges they face, the tasks they are responsible for completing, the working relationships they need to develop and maintain. And how all this sits with their expectations and goals.”

Mentor Tanya Fantini

“Tanya Fantini has been an exceptional mentor to me. Our fortnightly phone conversation helped me grow both personally and professionally as a confident HR professional… From job searching techniques, interview scenario practice, to real life work struggles and career progression dilemmas, Tanya was always there to support and back me up with her valuable, professional advice…

“I felt truly blessed to have the guidance from Tanya based on her past work experience – how she had already been through similar situations and managed in the end. Even as the program comes to an end, I hope to maintain my relationship with Tanya over time and share all my upcoming career milestones in life with her. I would definitely recommend AHRI’s mentoring program to anyone who feels lost, to kick-start their HR career like I did one year ago. “

Mentee Jean Li

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Deala and Kerri, SA 2017

“I met with Kerri in person on a handful of occasions and was blown away by her willingness to offer guidance and insight into the industry, and her knowledge and advice on progressing from a student position (currently completing my final semester), into a practising professional position. While discussing possible work experience placement options, Kerri forwarded me a link to a Graduate HR Officer position through the South Australian government initiative, Jobs4Youth.

“Kerri provided significant guidance in the application process, including cover letter writing and formatting of my resume, and met with me to discuss interview questions. I am now an HR Graduate Officer within a public sector organisation and I attribute much of my success to Kerri’s ongoing guidance and support.

“Kerri has been a fundamental cornerstone in my (very young) career development that year, and I am very grateful to both the AHRI mentoring program for providing me with this opportunity, and Kerri herself.”

Deala, SA mentee, 2017

Deala was completing the final semester of the Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) course at the University of South Australia, while enrolled in AHRI’s Student mentoring program and matched with mentor Kerri Crisanti, an HR consultant in Adelaide.

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