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About HR Certification

Over the years, HR practitioners have been asked to play many roles – from overseeing transactional operations to functioning as a high-level business partner.

AHRI has now resolved to "set the bar" for the HR profession in Australia by clearly defining what good HR is through professional certification. AHRI certification distinguishes HR professionals who are practising effective and business-savvy HR, and are capable of bringing their HR expertise to the role of true partner to the business.

HR certification demonstrates to the wider market and to your HR colleagues that your professional knowledge and skills are at a demonstrated level of experience, and that you are committed to continuous professional development in order to stay in touch with contemporary HR practice.

There are three pathways towards becoming a certified HR practitioner. Eligibility for the each of the pathways is dependent on individual experience, skills and capability. Utilise the HR Certification Pathfinder to assess which pathway is best suited to you.

One of the pathways involves enrolment in the AHRI Practising Certification Program (APC), which will provide independent verification of essential HR knowledge and skills, and critically assess the capability of APC candidates to apply them in the workplace.

Candidates who have successfully met the criteria of their pathway will be entitled, through the authority of the National Certification Council, to use a Certified Practitioner post-nominal, which will signify that they have:

  • achieved a cognitive mastery of globally benchmarked HR knowledge and skills
  • demonstrated the capability to apply these knowledge and skills in the workplace
  • made a commitment to continuous professional development (CPD)

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On behalf of the HR profession, AHRI has committed to conduct an awareness campaign among Australian employers that underscores the role that good HR capability can play in building the competitive advantage of an enterprise through its people.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, AHRI will profile to the wider market 'what good HR looks like', and how businesses can find AHRI certified practitioners. The objective will be to build the confidence in business that certified HR practitioners will be capable of bringing a certified HR standard to the role of a true business partner.


We're minded to look at initiatives to lift HR managers onto that strategic planning role … but also we've got to equip HR with the capability.

John Lloyd, Public Services Commissioner

Setting the bar for the profession

setting the bar for the profession


I am totally supportive of the new certification framework – HR practitioners shouldn't be exempt from professional certification. I've seen unqualified operators and the negative impact they have on organisations, so this process should keep the profession as a whole a lot more accountable and valued for their advice and practices.

Melinda White CAHRI, Continuous Improvement Manager, Anglicare

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