AHRI NT Conference 2024

21 May, Darwin Convention Centre

Redefining the Rules, Changing the Game

Explore the ways in which we can lift HR practice to the next level and add more value within organisations.

Coffee and networking
Housekeeping (MC) and Acknowledgement of Country
SESSION 1: Effective Networking

Discover the vital skill that lies at the heart of personal and professional success: networking! In a world driven by connections networking isn’t just a bonus, it’s a key asset. We’ll dive into the benefits of effective networking, understanding that it goes beyond merely meeting new people. When done well, networking becomes catalyst for unlocking opportunities, for individuals and organisations.  

Networking is more than a transactional exchange of business cards; it’s a dynamic force shaping your career trajectory and organisational growth. Learn how to integrate networking seamlessly into your professional life, making it not only essential but also natural. Our discussion and practical activities will uncover topics such as:  

  • Opportunities to get customer insights
  • Identifying collaboration opportunities
  • Building your brand and gaining visibility
  • Seeking feedback and validation 
SESSION 2: HR Policy Development and Best Practice

Are you navigating a policy role and you don’t know where to start?  

Leading a team with limited policy experience or new to policy leadership?  

Facing challenges with new policy requirements and tight deadlines?  

You’re not alone in this. While policy demands may seem to be part of the new normal, there are strategies put in place that will make it less painful – perhaps even enjoyable for the first time!  

Morning tea, expo, networking
SESSION 3: Closing Loopholes

Commissioner Riordan will be discussing recent legislative change and current issues in the Fair Work Commission 

SESSION 4: What It Really Takes To Realise Shifts In Performance, Behaviour & Culture

In this dynamic presentation, Rho Sandberg will examine the growing popularity of coaching and its role in fostering leadership and talent, staff engagement and retention, driving culture change and managing workplace conflict.

Reflecting on traditional L&D and HR approaches, Rho asks what it really takes to achieve changes in performance, behaviour and culture. Drawing insights from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, adult learning and complex systems thinking, along with over three decades of professional practice she examines key elements of sustainable growth and development for individuals and organisational systems.  

MINDFULNESS SESSION: "A moment to re-focus and re-charge"

Feeling a little overwhelmed or in need of a quick pick-me-up?  

Join this session for simple, science-based techniques to reduce anxiety, whether you’re at work or at home. Learn portable and easily applicable techniques to calm, refocus, and energise yourself for the rest of the day.

Lunch, expo and networking
SESSION 5: Psychosocial risks and injuries - emerging legal issues for HR

New ways of working, employee expectations and legal regulation are changing the compliance framework for managing performance, interpersonal conflict and safety.

In this session, Lawyer Will Snow, will give an overview of the current laws, cases and trends to inform a deeper understanding and refined management of these issues. 

SESSION 6: Growth and Change for Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, a community Health Organisation

In this presentation, we will discuss the impacts and challenges associated with change and growth within an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation, situated in Central Australia. Congress has experienced substantial growth, witnessing a 40% increase in staffing over the last five years, approaching close to 600 employees’ total.

We will examine and reflect on how the transformations and expansion has given rise to both opportunities and challenges for Congress in several areas, including:

  • Service delivery
  • Management styles and structures
  • Organisational Culture
  • Systems and Processes
  • Recruitment and resourcing
Afternoon Tea, expo and networking
SESSION 7: Global roll out of HRIS - lessons learnt

During this session direct for France, Caroline Le Grand will share her learnings from the different HR Information system projects she has been involved in.

Here are some questions that Caroline will raise with you

  • What does change management really include in those technical (IT) projects?
  • There are always resistance to change …. And so what?
  • Change management and adoption, is there a difference?

And to finish on a positive note, she will share some learnings and reflect on what she would do differently. Trying to make change a funny topic and give you the desire of being part of a change management initiative in your company.

SESSION 8: Effective Networking. Check in