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HR Evolution: What’s Next?
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Session Descriptions

Session 1 – The New Now – Preparing for trends that will dominate a Post Covid World

The coronavirus pandemic acted like a time machine bringing 2030 forward to 2020. As the turmoil subsides and a new era dawns, smart leaders are turning their attention to where opportunity now lies and how to gear up for the future.

  • The COVID-inspired shifts in CONSUMER HABITS and EXPECTATIONS that are here to stay
  • The key ways ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, QUANTUM COMPUTING and AUGMENTED REALITY have accelerated rapidly during the pandemic and how this offers exciting new possibilities for those that are prepared
  • The role that GEN Z are playing in redefining industry norms and how to win in a post-Millennial marketplace
  • How to foster ENGAGEMENT, COLLABORATION and CULTURE when leading remote and hybrid teams

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear game plan for navigating the new now.

Session 2 – Connected people perform better: How to attract great talent and keep them engaged through authentic employer branding

In a much-changed world, it’s become more important than ever to find ways to truly connect – with your current people and with the talent you need in the future. For many, recruitment is harder than ever before. So is employee engagement, and so is culture shaping. In this session, Employer Branding Australia CEO, Mark Puncher, will show you how to improve your talent results, by shaping and harnessing your employer brand.


  • A clear understanding of employer branding and why it matters, for business success
  • The inspiration to activate authentic employer branding, with your people
  • Practical guidance on what to do and where to start

Session 3 – HR Evolution: what’s Next?

Join us for a lively panel discussion about the evolution of HR and the impact for HR Practitioners in the NT. Audience members are encouraged to contribute questions as we traverse varied topics including change management in remote workforces, mental health in the workplace and thinking differently about talent pipelines.

Session 4 – What middle managers tell me in private can help HR work smarter

The success of a corporate coach begins with their ability to create a rock-solid inner sanctum of trust. Without breaking that bond, I’ll unpack what my clients tell me hampers them to help inform where your organisation can strategically invest its energy to build a workforce fit for the future.

Session 5 – Educator wellbeing

This session focuses on the occupational health and wellbeing of classroom teachers and school leaders both nationally and within the NT.
The session will focus on why the wellbeing of educators in schools matters, and provides insight into how the NT Department of Education approaches supporting the wellbeing of its educator workforce.

Session 6 – Workforce and government policies to navigate HR challenges in the NT

Gaurav Sareen, Deloitte’s lead partner for the Northern Territory Government and Public sector will share two primary examples of how policy and strategy can – and arguably must operate at multiple levels to address the complex and dynamic skilling and workforce demands being faced by employers across the NT and Australia. Gaurav will outline Deloitte Australia’s workplace HR policies, which are widely recognised as leading HR practices in Australia, and explain how Deloitte’s strategy to move to a more dynamic workforce has been enabled by embracing flexibility; tailoring workplace experiences to the unique needs of our workforce; and actively supporting diversity and inclusion – have had a material impact on not only our national practice, but importantly our NT workforce. Drawing on Deloitte’s experience in advising the public sector on strategy and policy, Gaurav will share details of the approach and early learnings from our work with the NT Government, industry and community members to address skilled workforce demand through the design of an NT business and skilled migration strategy.

Session 7 – The evolution of learning and development in the APS

The Australian Public Service has recently released the APS Learning and Development Strategy and the Learning Quality Framework. This transformational work aims to achieve higher quality, more effective and innovative learning experiences, which will enable the APS workforce to learn and develop at the speed and complexity of change.

Session 8 – Business at the Speed of Opportunity: Reimagining the Employee Experience

In a post-pandemic world of rapid change, how do we adapt, innovate and lead the employee experience to ensure talent thrives in this new era of business? As a Business Strategist specialising in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Culture, AJ Kulatunga explores this question in a unique way, revealing the hidden opportunities of disruptive change.

You will learn:

  • What actually drives disruptive change and how to spot opportunities for innovation
  • How People and Culture Leaders can improve the innovative mindsets of their teams to drive change
  • The one trait that organisations must develop and scale in order to win in this new era of business
  • The insights and stories combined with AJ’s invigorating energy will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to tackle the road ahead.

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