Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Dr Amanda Ferguson

Dr Amanda Ferguson is a global expert in work engagement with a Masters and PhD in Organisational Psychology. A registered psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Amanda has been in practice for 30 years and has worked with multinational organisations such as IBM, Ernst & Young and Johnson and Johnson Medical and has served as a mentor to professionals from all walks of life. As a published author, keynote speaker and podcaster, Dr Ferguson is passionate about helping people find meaning, satisfaction and successful transitions in life, work and their relationships and is widely regarded as the go-to source on all things work-related.

She shares her expertise alongside a variety of guests on herĀ  Psych For Life with Dr. Amanda Ferguson podcast, discussing topics such as personal and work issues, relationships, professional and personal development, performance and more. Her first book, Life Works: Rediscover Yourself and Transform Your Relationships published by HarperCollins in 2002 was a sell out in its first year and she is currently working on her next book on achieving at work.

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