Mutual recognition of professional membership

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (United Kingdom) and the Australian HR Institute signed an agreement in August 2013, enabling mutual recognition for individuals holding corresponding professional grades of membership in either body.

The agreement follows a mapping of the two sets of professional standards and membership criteria, ensuring that the equivalent membership grades are matched.

CIPD members who join AHRI will have full access to all professional member benefits.

Apply for AHRI membership

To apply for AHRI membership, you will need to provide proof of your current CIPD membership and a current curriculum vitae.

Once approved, you will be awarded AHRI membership at the equivalent CIPD level, with full access to all membership benefits and the right to use the appropriate post-nominal letters of both associations.

Current CIPD Associate, Chartered and Academic members can apply for an equivalent AHRI membership by:

  1. Downloading and completing the AHRI/CIPD Reciprocal Membership Application Form
  2. Providing your current CV and proof of currency of your CIPD membership and membership level (a copy of your membership card is ideal to show your membership level and renewal date)
  3. Emailing your completed form, current CV and proof of current CIPD membership to

We will contact you within 10 business days to finalise your application. You may also be asked to provide additional evidence of an appropriate CIPD qualification or experience assessment. Apply now!

Should you have any queries, please call (03) 9918 9230 to speak to a Member Career Partner or email


Annual AHRI membership fees

  • $220 (including GST) per year for applicants within Australia

Please note:

  • GST is not applicable for members residing outside of Australia, however overseas members will be charged a $32 postage fee in addition to their membership fee. This additional fee includes the international postage charges to send HRM magazine by mail. If you do not wish to receive a printed copy of the magazine, please let us know via and we will remove this additional fee from your membership charges. You will still be able access a digital copy of the HRM magazine through your AHRI member profile.
  • Past or lapsed CIPD members will need to renew their CIPD membership to apply for AHRI membership under the terms of this agreement

  • Not a current financial CIPD member? Apply online for AHRI membership (full applicable fee payable)

AHRI members joining CIPD

AHRI members at MAHRI, CAHRI or FAHRI level can apply for Associate CIPD membership.You will need to have a current and financial membership with AHRI to join the CIPD under the terms of the agreement.

To apply for Chartered CIPD membership (Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow), you must have completed an HR certification pathway and be at CPHR or FCPHR level of AHRI membership.

This means successful completion of either the AHRI Practising Certification Program or the AHRI Senior Leaders Pathway for certification and the subsequent award of Certified HR Practitioner status by the National Certification Council. Learn more

For more information about the CIPD application process and cost, please contact +44 (0)20 8612 6208 or


Can I join AHRI so that my CIPD qualifications are recognised in Australia?

The reciprocal agreement between AHRI and CIPD allows members to apply for the equivalent membership level. It does not, however, provide formal recognition of any qualification completed to obtain your CIPD membership.

Read more about the CIPD reciprocity agreement

Do I have to be a member of both organisations CIPD and AHRI?

To be eligible for the reduced membership fees for AHRI membership you must maintain your CIPD membership.

View CIPD reciprocity agreement

Do I have to complete professional development for AHRI and CIPD?

Yes, however in most cases you can claim CPD points for the same activity with both associations.

Read about CPD points

Does the agreement allow me to become a member of both associations for a single fee?

No. The agreement allows CIPD members to apply for AHRI membership at the equivalent level, and vice versa. Fees are still payable to both associations.

How do I become a linked member of an organisation?

All requests for new or existing individual members to be linked to an organisation membership should be directed to the organisation's principal member or nominated contact.

Unsure who this is? Please call (03) 9918 9230 to speak to our Member and Student Support team or email If you would like to become a new member and be linked to the organisation membership you will need to complete a linked member application form.

How do I use my post-nominals / designatory letters now that I am a member of both associations?

Convention dictates that you include the professional membership levels in the order that you obtained them. For instance, if you became a Chartered Fellow of CIPD before you became a Fellow of AHRI, your post-nominals will look something like this: Jo Smith Chartered FCIPD FAHRI.

Learn more about post-nominals

How quickly are membership applications processed?

New affiliate and student member applications are processed right away once payment is received. Professional membership applications are processed within 1-2 business days.

How will I know if my application has been approved?

All upgrade applicants will be notified of the outcome via email when it has been approved. Upgrade packs will also be posted out (except for free student members upgrading to paid student members) and will include a new certificate of membership.

I am a Chartered Fellow with CIPD and a certified professional with AHRI. Can I upgrade my membership level with AHRI to match my CIPD membership?

Yes. Please email with evidence of your CIPD membership level and currency (such as your membership card) and we will process your upgrade.

Email us

I am an AHRI member and I wish to join CIPD. What do I need to do?

The agreement between the CIPD and AHRI allows you to apply for CIPD membership at an equivalent level of membership. You'll need to provide the CIPD proof of your AHRI membership and a current curriculum vitae, and on joining you'll automatically be awarded the equivalent membership level for CIPD.

Please note that the reciprocity agreement was revised in early 2016 and AHRI members who wish to obtain a Chartered CIPD membership (MCIPD or FCIPD) will need to have been formally certified by AHRI, via the AHRI Practising Certification Program or the Senior Leaders Pathway. You will need to provide evidence of your certification to the CIPD. The CIPD have a special application form for AHRI members with a reduced joining fee, which you can obtain from their website or you can email

Email CIPD

I am half-way through a CIPD course and I am thinking of relocating to Australia. Can I complete my course with AHRI?

CIPD courses are unique to the United Kingdom and CIPD, and cannot be completed through AHRI. AHRI offers various courses for HR professionals, including a Certificate IV in HR and the AHRI Practising Certification Program should you wish to study with AHRI.

I used to be a member of CIPD but I let my membership lapse when I relocated to Australia. Can I join AHRI at the special rate at the same level I had in the UK?

No. You must have a current membership with the CIPD to be recognised through the reciprocal agreement. You are, of course, welcome to apply for AHRI membership as a non-CIPD member, but this membership will not be at the special reduced rate that we offer to CIPD members.

Learn more about becoming an AHRI member

What payment methods can I use to pay my membership fee?

AHRI accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diners or American Express when paying your annual membership fee. You can also pay over the phone (03 9918 9230) by providing your credit card details, by cheque made payable to AHRI or by EFT payment.

Alternatively, Australia based members can set up automatic monthly direct debit via select credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). For more information on this payment method, please call us on (03) 9918 9230 or email

Learn more

Will I be charged a currency conversion fee if I pay by credit card?

You may be charged a currency conversion fee by your bank or credit union if paying by a credit card issued outside of Australia. Please check with your credit card provider or bank before making payment.