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What is an AHRI Fellow (FCPHR)?

AHRI Certified Fellowship is the highest level of professional membership, which recognises HR professionals who have made a substantial contribution to and have a record of achievement in the practice of HR and will continue to contribute to the profession. AHRI Fellows are asked to contribute to seminars, conferences, or be invited to speak at the AHRI National Convention & Exhibition.

Fellows are committed AHRI members who have undertaken the AHRI Practicing Certification program, joined AHRI via the CIPD reciprocal membership as a CPHR or completed the Senior Leaders pathway, and have become certified HR practitioners. 

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The criteria for Fellowship are aligned to the Professional Recognition Framework, which is underpinned by the AHRI Model of Excellence.

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AHRI Fellows are able to use the postnominal FCPHR (Fellow Certified Practitioner of HR).

As an AHRI Fellow, you have full access to exclusive HR resources and discounts on training and events, and you are covered by AHRI ProCover professional indemnity insurance. 

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To apply to become an AHRI Fellow, you must either complete the AHRI Practising Certification Program (APC) and then upgrade to Fellow status (see below), or complete the Senior Leaders Pathway (SLP).

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If you are already certified with AHRI (CPHR Member) and want to apply for Certified Fellow status, please Use this form.



Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

AHRI professional members, Certified HR Practitioners and Certified HR Academics are required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain their HR certification and AHRI professional membership.

By taking up AHRI's professional development opportunities and events, you can stay ahead of the latest HR trends and research while keeping your HR skills and knowledge up to date. These activities earn you CPD points along the way. 

Undertaking CPD provides assurance to employers and stakeholders of an HR practitioner's contemporary skills and behaviour, and is required to maintain your status of certified HR practitioner.

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CPD Points required (Over a three-year period): 30 Hours, specifically relating to advancing the HR profession.

Types of CPD-eligible activities:
Type 3 – Conferences and seminars
Type 4 – Presentation of papers
Type 5 – Industry involvement
Type 6 – Service to the Profession

A random sample of 10% of all FCPHR members will be audited on an annual basis. All FCPHR members will be audited at least once every three years as part of the commitment to maintaining certification standards.

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Have questions about becoming a Fellow or need assistance with your application? Call (03) 9918 9230 to speak to our Member and Student Support team or email [email protected].


I have retired − can I keep my membership and do I still need to complete professional development?

AHRI values the contribution that retired members have made to the HR profession and we offer a special rate of $110.00 per year so that retired members can stay in touch with developments in the profession.

Retired members continue to receive all the benefits of membership they previously received including AHRI ProCover insurance. Retired members are exempt from professional membership CPD requirements.

If you are retired or you will be retiring in the near future please advise us by calling (03) 9918 9230 or email [email protected].

Can I downgrade my professional membership to an affiliate one?

Yes you may; however, before you downgrade your membership from a professional to affiliate level, please bear in mind the following:

  • Only professional members are covered by AHRI ProCover professional indemnity insurance
  • If you decide at a later date to upgrade your membership you may be asked to provide your supporting documents again
  • If you are concerned about meeting your CPD requirements, please call 03 9918 9230 to speak to a Member Career Partner.  Activities you have completed or are currently completing may be claimed as CPD points.

I am a CAHRI member. How can I renew or upgrade my membership?

As of 1 January 2018 AHRI will no longer be admitting new, lapsed, rejoining or upgrading applicants to the CAHRI membership level. If you have a current CAHRI membership, you will be able to retain this level of AHRI membership in perpetuity, as long as your membership remains current into the future and you continue to meet your CPD obligations.

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What payment methods can I use to pay my membership fee?

AHRI accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diners or American Express when paying your annual membership fee. You can also pay over the phone (03 9918 9230) by providing your credit card details, by cheque made payable to AHRI or by EFT payment.

Alternatively, Australia based members can set up automatic monthly direct debit via select credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). For more information on this payment method, please call us on (03) 9918 9230 or email [email protected]

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What are the terms and conditions of my membership?

View online the full terms and conditions of your membership.

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