Continuing professional development (CPD)

Continuing professional development

As an AHRI professional member or Certified HR Practitioner, you have made a commitment to modelling excellence in the workplace by continuing to develop your skills and knowledge and applying them at work. Your continuing professional development will not only benefit your organisation, it will enhance your career opportunities.

Your CPD requirements

AHRI Certified HR Practitioners (CPHR and FCPHR) and professional members (MAHRI, CAHRI and FAHRI) must complete the required minimum hours of CPD every three years to maintain their HR certification status or professional membership.

AHRI offers professional development programs and events that are current, relevant and developed especially for HR and people management professionals. Whether you learn best by reading, listening or doing, AHRI has you covered. To learn what activities and events are eligible for CPD points review the CPD Guide.

Please note that 1 hour equals 1 CPD point.

CPD points from AHRI events

CPD points gained from attending AHRI events are automatically recorded. AHRI members who register for AHRI events/forums on or before the registration closing date will have their CPD record updated automatically. Records will be updated at the completion of the event/forum once your attendance has been confirmed. Please allow up to 60 days for your record to be updated.

Record your CPD online

Use AHRI’s online CPD recording tool (accessed via your member profile) to manage and track your professional development. It automatically records AHRI activities and events you have attended; however you will need to record any non-AHRI professional development activities to ensure an accurate record.

All AHRI Certified HR Practitioners and a random sample of professional members will be audited annually for CPD; you may be asked to provide evidence/records of your CPD activities for the past three years.

Update your CPD record 

Evidence of your CPD

Evidence sources for your CPD must be objective and serviceable, and can include copies of formal qualifications, attendance statements, copies of articles written, presentations given, or payment receipts from conferences. 

It is a good idea to keep your own file at home with evidence of your completed CPD activities.


Professional members who do not meet their CPD obligations may be re-graded to Associate membership. Regrading considerations of that type are made on a case-by-case basis.

Certified Practitioners (CPHR and FCPHR) may lose their certified status in the instance that they do not meet the CPD requirements for their membership level.

A review panel will enable non-compliant members to be reviewed by other HR professionals that are sensitive to the needs of practising professional members. An appeal process will be available to members in the event that AHRI determines they have not met their CPD obligations.

Call 1300 811 880 to speak to our membership support team with any questions or contact us.

Upcoming CPD opportunities


CPD stands for continuing professional development. All professional members (Graduate, MAHRI, CAHRI and Fellow) are required to complete CPD. CPD points for formal activities completed through AHRI are recorded online for you. For other activities completed externally, you can log in to your CPD recording tool to plan and record your CPD activities.

Please allow up to eight weeks for the points to appear in your online CPD record.

Mentees and Mentors receive 32 CPD points for completing the program. These points will automatically be applied to your membership profile at the completion of the program.

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AHRI recommends that you update your CPD record on a monthly basis, but you may choose to update your record more regularly.

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As a professional member undertaking CPD, you will have multiple options for accruing CPD hours. We do understand that members outside of Australia or in remote locations will have limited opportunities to complete any AHRI short courses or attend events. However, there are many other activities that you can complete to accrue CPD points.

For example, you may attend any HR related short courses, events, conferences and seminars near you (they do not need to be formally recognised by AHRI) and the number of hours you spent at the course or event can be recorded as CPD hours in your AHRI online CPD record. These activities can include in-house training or training completed outside of work hours. You may also consider AHRI’s elearning courses and webinars when planning your professional development.

Download the latest CPD guide

As of 1 January 2018 AHRI will no longer be admitting new, lapsed, rejoining or upgrading applicants to the CAHRI membership level. If you have a current CAHRI membership, you will be able to retain this level of AHRI membership in perpetuity, as long as your membership remains current into the future and you continue to meet your CPD obligations.

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