Advisory panels

Advisory panels

Research Advisory Panel

Leading Australian academics and thought leaders inform AHRI’s research agenda and IP development, and provide commentary on HR issues.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Panel

Provides AHRI with strategic and expert advice relating to diversity, equity and inclusion practice and the advancement of diversity professionals.

Public Sector Advisory Panel

Provides strategic and expert advice on public sector organisations including the professional development of public sector HR professionals.

National Accreditation Committee

Reviews applications for course accreditation from tertiary and vocational education providers and represents stakeholder groups including academic, industry and AHRI state councils.

National Certification Council

Representatives from industry and academia oversee the HR standards, administration and decision making for the credentialling of eligible HR certification candidates.

Future of Work Advisory Panel

Provides strategic and expert advice on matters pertaining to technological, generational, and social impacts on how work is conducted and managed. 

ER/IR Advisory Panel

Provides insights which will shape how AHRI responds and contributes to the Australian employee relations and industrial relations landscape.