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This year's Future Thinkers

  • Dr. Susan David

    Dr. Susan David

    Founder and co-director, Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital of Harvard Medical School and Instructor in Psychology, Harvard University

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  • Stewart Friedman

    Stewart Friedman

    Professor, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

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  • Dom Price

    Dom Price

    Head of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian

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  • Dr. Kirstin Ferguson

    Dr. Kirstin Ferguson

    Company director, author and creator of #CelebratingWomen

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  • Stephen Scheeler

    Stephen Scheeler

    Former CEO, Facebook Australia and New Zealand

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  • Dr. Catherine Ball

    Dr. Catherine Ball

    Author, ethics advocate, environmental science and technology expert

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  • Susan Scott-Parker OBE

    Susan Scott-Parker OBE

    CEO and Founder at business disability international

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  • Scott Anthony

    Scott Anthony

    Senior Partner at Innosight

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  • Carina Konza CPHR

    Carina Konza CPHR

    HR Director, Department of the Environment and Energy

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  • Professor David Clutterbuck

    Professor David Clutterbuck

    Internationally renowned pioneer of coaching and mentoring

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  • Craig Davis

    Craig Davis

    Co-founder Sendle , Advisor, Board Member, Certified teacher of Google SIY, Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School

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  • Chris Richardson

    Chris Richardson

    Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

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  • Andrea Calleia CPHR

    Andrea Calleia CPHR

    Learning Manager, Salinger Privacy

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  • Wade Fuller

    Wade Fuller

    Director, Leadership & Capability Development, Public Service Commission Queensland

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  • Clare Murphy FCPHR

    Clare Murphy FCPHR

    Human Resources Director, EACH

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  • Rob Phipps FCPHR

    Rob Phipps FCPHR

    Managing Director, Evolvefast; AHRI Director, and President of the AHRI NSW State Council

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  • Corinne Canter

    Corinne Canter

    Head of Consulting, Human Synergistics

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  • Michael Leiter

    Michael Leiter

    Professor of Organisational Psychology, School of Psychology, Deakin University

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  • Rose Bryant-Smith

    Rose Bryant-Smith

    Co-Founder & Director, Worklogic

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  • Grevis Beard

    Grevis Beard

    Co-Founder & Director, Worklogic

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  • Paula Goodwin FCPHR

    Paula Goodwin FCPHR

    Department of Environment and Energy

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  • Fiona Michel FCPHR

    Fiona Michel FCPHR

    Chief People Officer, Vector and Non-Executive Director, AHRI

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  • Glenys Beauchamp PSM

    Glenys Beauchamp PSM

    Secretary, Australian Government Department of Health

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  • Sharyn O'Neill

    Sharyn O'Neill

    Public Sector Commissioner, West Australia

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  • Dr. Jill Charker FCPHR

    Dr. Jill Charker FCPHR

    COO and Deputy Secretary Corporate, Australian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business

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  • Rhonda Brighton-Hall FCPHR

    Rhonda Brighton-Hall FCPHR

    CEO and Founder, mwah. (Making Work Absolutely Human)

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  • Dr. Dimitria Groutsis

    Dr. Dimitria Groutsis

    University of Sydney Business School

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  • Dr Sugumar Mariappanadar CAHR

    Dr Sugumar Mariappanadar CAHR

    Australian Catholic University

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  • Rachael Jackson CPHR

    Rachael Jackson CPHR

    Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

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  • Camille McMahon

    Camille McMahon

    National HR Manager, Coles Liquor

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  • Meneka Ratnasothy

    Meneka Ratnasothy

    Community and Engagement Manager, Coles Liquor

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  • Michelle Phipps FCPHR

    Michelle Phipps FCPHR

    Group Head of Talent, Learning and Inclusion, Coca-Cola Amatil

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  • Dr. Kim Schofield FCPHR

    Dr. Kim Schofield FCPHR

    General Manager, HR Standards and Practice, Australian HR Institute

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  • Leonie Pilgrim

    Leonie Pilgrim

    Manager, Corporate Accounts, Australian HR Institute

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  • Jonathan McConachie

    Jonathan McConachie

    Group Manager - Organisational Development, Armaguard Group

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  • Dr Fiona Kerr

    Dr Fiona Kerr

    The University of Adelaide

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  • Monica Watt

    Monica Watt

    Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

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  • Kate Stewart

    Kate Stewart

    Head of Education Partnerships, Telstra

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  • Liz Ranieri

    Liz Ranieri

    People and Transformation, Telstra

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  • Craig Parr

    Craig Parr

    Head of Strategic Alliances, Kineo

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  • Dr. Peggy Kern

    Dr. Peggy Kern

    Senior Lecturer, Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

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  • Beck Melville

    Beck Melville

    Co-founder, The Wellbeing Lab

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  • Professor Greg Bamber

    Professor Greg Bamber

    Monash University

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  • Jay Munro

    Jay Munro

    Employer Insights Strategist for Australia and New Zealand, Indeed

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