AHRI NSW Conference 2024

27 June, The Ivy, Sydney

Stretching our minds to bridge the divides

Explore the ways in which we can lift HR practice to the next level and add more value within organisations.

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Athena Chintis CPHR · NSW State President · Australian HR Institute

SESSION 1: Economic outlook and what this means for NSW, talent & business

What can we expect from the Australian economy over the next year and beyond? We are in a challenging environment with cost of living pressures, a continued tight labour market, high interest rates, a booming population, and a housing crisis. In the short term, what if anything is likely to change, and how? Looking beyond these immediate challenges, what longer-term structural changes are we seeing that you need to be thinking of in a professional and personal capacity in the coming years?  

SESSION 2: The potential of AI and its benefits for HR

This panel session will showcase how HR is already using AI and the possibilities available to us. This conversation will explore the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in optimising operational efficiency while unlocking future opportunities. Gain insights into how AI is already being used by our panel members and how we can bridge HR and business efficiency gaps through streamlined processes, enhanced decision-making, and cost savings. From automated workflows to predictive analytics, we discuss practical AI solutions designed to address today’s key efficiency challenges across sectors and industries. 

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SESSION 3: Exploring the polarities: can we have connection and compliance?

This panel session asks the question can we have both connection and compliance? By bringing together employment law specialists with leaders in employee experience, people and culture and workplace relations to discuss strategic & practical approaches for employers in managing their workplace relations. The panellists will share their experiences and insights on formulating effective strategies that not only comply with legal requirements but also promote a positive and productive work environment, sharing examples of contemporary practices and strategies.

SESSION 4: Reimagining work - How do we move confidently into unfolding futures?

Organisations are living systems; they are complex, dynamic communities that continue to evolve in relation to their context. As conditions change over time and our knowledge expands, so too does our relationship with work. Our existing organisational models no longer serve in complex times. It’s tricky to navigate the inevitable rollercoaster that comes from intergenerational workforces, AI advancements, changing legislative policy settings whilst being socially influenced by the entire world (!), however new ways of working are emerging. Let’s jump in, uncover the hidden assumptions we make, and flow with it. Karen will lead an interactive and entertaining session offering safe exploration through differing views on how to stay ever ready for unfolding futures through sharing her own experiences, observations, and international research, brought together in a caring and stimulating conversation. You will leave with practical reflection questions you can take back to your workplaces and enable your own career development. 

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SESSION 5: Pathway to CPO and the journey to the C-Suite

This session explores the multifaceted role of Chief People Officers within modern organisations. It is tailored for HR professionals aspiring to C-level positions, providing valuable insights into the critical skills, experiences, and leadership qualities necessary for this pivotal role. Through a combination of expert-led discussion, case studies, and interactive Q&A, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the strategic importance of human resources in shaping organisational culture, driving employee engagement, and fostering a dynamic workplace environment. This session aims to provide aspiring leaders with a sense of the tools and knowledge they will need to navigate their career pathway successfully to the C-suite, highlighting the evolving responsibilities of Chief People Officers in championing workplace excellence and innovation.

SESSION 6: Beyond burnout: Futureproofing work through workplace sustainability

For many, work isn’t working anymore. Chronic workplace stress and burnout has become the norm in everyday lives and the cost to individuals, organisations and societies are mounting up. People are demanding a different way forward – a workplace that nurtures instead of drains, work that inspires us and a sustainable work environment.  

As the world moves into a new industrial age, there is a need for us to rethink how we work, and our relationship with work. Drawing on the latest research, this session will explore a new model for creating a sustainable workplace. This model covers five key elements that are essential to sustaining the workforce and unlocking the organisation’s potential. 

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SESSION 7: Culture: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and how to know the difference

Last 12 months P&C initiatives and strategies have brought value and success but some have destroyed businesses we need to talk about both. Bringing the threads of the day together, and from measuring culture across hundreds of organisations – from private to public to government to not-for–profit – Rhonda will look at the impact of economics, legislation, and societal divides on culture right now. Taking a whole new approach to cultural diagnostics – using data and guard-railed AI – we’ll land on how organisations might provide bridges of those societal divides and places where we each find belonging and a place to be our best. 

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Athena Chintis CPHR · NSW State President · Australian HR Institute

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Stretching our minds to bridge the divides

Join us on an enlightening journey at ‘Stretching our minds to bridge the divides’ where experts will dive into strategies for fostering unity in the workplace and beyond.