QLD International HR Network

The Queensland International HR network aims to lead and grow the body of knowledge and to enhance the understanding of HR professionals by promoting awareness, educating and facilitating discussion on international human resources issues.

Typical topics include tax, legal, employment, immigration, culture and other issues faced when managing human resources across international boundaries including international assignment programs, relocation processes, on assignment support, repatriation assistance, employment law and training and development.

Our network forum program for the next 12-18 months is focussed on the assignment lifecycle with planned topics including:

  • Immigration 101
  • Talent Attraction
  • On assignment: The expatriate experience
  • End of assignment: Localisation and repatriation
  • Recruiting foreign students
  • International HR trends

Where possible our network forums will be hybrid events allowing our colleagues outside of Brisbane to access the relevant sessions and participate online.

Types of activities

  • Assisting with the organisation and planning of the professional development calendar
  • Discussing ideas, current trends and developments that are of interest
  • Assisting with access to experts, both practitioners and thought leaders, for presentations and comment
  • Developing research opportunities for recommendation to AHRI national office.


Find out more about attraction, recruitment and retention at AHRI:ASSIST – a member-only directory of information, reports, fact sheets, legal updates, checklists, guidelines and more.