NSW Employee Relations/Industrial Relations/ Work Health and Safety Network

The NSW Employee Relations/Industrial Relations/ Work Health and Safety network aims to provide local AHRI members with a range of advice and assistance regarding employment and workplace relations matters and the policy environment.

The network seeks to explore specific topics of interest and involve participants in a range of activities including discussions, seminars and forums to develop their skills and knowledge about key aspects of the relevant frameworks and practical issues to successfully implementing changes in the workplace.

Topics of interest may include workplace agreement negotiations, transfer of business, Union right of entry, managing employee performance, managing industrial action and/or disputes in the workplace, managing ill and injured workers, termination of employment, workplace policies and procedures, unfair dismissal claims, discrimination claims, bullying and harassment, award rates, entitlements and related employment conditions.

Upcoming network forums

  • Coming soon

Committee members

This network is run by AHRI members. They are HR professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to expand the scope of knowledge in this specific HR area of interest.

  • John Alexander
  • Rhonda Brighton-Hall
  • Benjamin Hansen
  • Wally Kluktewicz
  • Lisa Laybutt
  • Andrew Milwain
  • Neil Napper
  • Leanne Parker
  • Desleigh White
  • Linda White
  • Andres Arbelaez-Camargo
  • Mark Wright

Types of activities

  • Assisting with the organisation and planning of the professional development calendar
  • Discussing ideas, current trends and developments that are of interest
  • Assisting with access to experts, both practitioners and thought leaders, for presentations and comment
  • Developing research opportunities for recommendation to AHRI national office.


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