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Mentoring Program


To express interest in the next intake for April 2017, register your Expression Of Interest here.  We will then be in touch once applications open in December 2016.

Program Overview

The AHRI Mentoring Program has been designed to assist those seeking opportunities for career and professional development by creating mentoring relationships. The program matches experienced HR practitioners (mentors) with upcoming HR practitioners, HR students and those wanting to transition into an HR role (mentees).

The program is made possible through the generous support of AHRI members, who volunteer their time as mentors. In return for their valuable time mentors enjoy the opportunity to give back to the HR community whilst building mentoring and coaching skills (see Benefits of Mentoring below).

The program runs for 12 months (except HR Student Program - 6 months - only runs in April intake) and matches over 700 pairs annually.  There are two intakes each year with one in April and one in October. Applications open approximately 3 months prior to commencement and close one month prior to the start date.  Once matches are made participants are notified of their new mentoring partner via email.

All participants must be an AHRI member or take out an AHRI membership to be involved in the program. Mentees (except HR Student mentees) incur a cost of $150 for the 12 month program. There is no charge for mentors and HR student mentees (in the student mentee program) provided you are an AHRI member.  If you would like to explore other membership options not offered with the program visit memberships online for more details.

More details on the program and how to apply are available below or alternatively email for more information.

Not available to do the October Program or are you a student wanting to take part in the next eligible intake? Then you can register your interest for the April 2017 intake by clicking here.  We will then be in touch once applications for this intake open (Dec 2016/Jan 2017).

The AHRI mentoring program events for SA, VIC, NSW, ACT & TAS are proudly sponsored by:Hays

How the program works

The AHRI Mentoring Program has 3 distinct programs for mentees to choose from and two intakes per year.

Type of ProgramWho should apply?Program duration
HR ProfessionalsHR Professionals with a minimum of 12 months HR experience.  There is no maximum*

*Please note: mentees can be experienced HR professionals at all levels and with any number of years HR experience.  If you feel you have room for improvement or want to progress your career but are not sure if the program is for you please contact mentoring on 03 9918 9253 to discuss.
12 months
New to HRPeople who have recently commenced working in HR (HR Professionals with less than 12 months HR experience)


People who are looking to move into HR but not currently working in this field.  This includes HR Graduates and people wanting to transition from another role into an HR role
12 months
HR Students

(not available in October intake)
AHRI student members only. Students must be in their 3rd or final year of HR studies with no previous HR experience.  To apply for student membership visit memberships online.

Please note: HR Student mentoring is available in the April intake only.
6 months

Mentees need to choose the program which best suits them and then complete the respective online application form (see below).

If you are not sure which program is right for you please contact or 03 9918 9253 for further clarification.

Mentors can choose which program/s they would prefer* to mentor their mentee/s in when they are completing their online application.

*The matching committee will do their best to meet these requests but cannot guarantee that a mentor will be matched with a mentee from their preferred category.

Mentors can choose to have one or two mentees per intake. They should consider carefully the time requirement involved in mentoring and ensure that they have adequate time to give to more than one mentee. It is recommended to spend at least 1 hour per month per mentee, but personal requirements should be considered. Many mentoring pairs communicate on a more regular basis than the recommended minimum and this should also be taken into account.

If you have questions about the time commitment required for the program please contact or 03 9918 9253 for further clarification.

Program Duration

ProgramDurationIntake 1
(April commencement)
Intake 2
(October Commencement)
HR Student6 monthsYesNo
New to HR12 monthsYesYes
HR Professional12 monthsYesYes

The HR Professional and New to HR programs run for 12 months with two intakes commencing annually in April and October.

The HR Student program is a 6 month program with one intake in April each year.


Matching is conducted in each state by AHRI State Council members and is done considering location, years of experience, special requirements, industry and the participants selection of HR areas for mentoring. Whilst every effort is made to match participants on as many aspects of their applications as possible, it is not always possible to get everything from the one mentor. The more information you can provide us with the better we will be able to match you.

Once matching is completed matched pairs will be emailed details of their mentoring partner at commencement of the program. Mentees are asked to reach out to their respective mentor to kick start the relationship as soon a they can, and to maximise their time in the program.


An orientation webinar will be conducted shortly after matches have been announced for all participants. It will take them through the structure of the program and what to expect including the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees. We try to have a past mentor and mentee on hand for these webinars to allow for any questions participants may have regarding the participation expectations. We will also endeavour to answer any other questions about the program you may have at the end of the webinar.

An orientation kit will be emailed out to all participants shortly after the program commences and will include a mentoring agreement template, mentee goals document, program Code of Conduct and more.

Contact between pairs

For the duration of the program mentors and mentees are responsible for ongoing contact and are strongly encouraged to be active and keep the contact and communication as regular as possible which will help to ensure a successful relationship.

The format of the relationship will be determined by the pair and may include e-mail, phone, Skype or face-to-face meetings. AHRI recommends at least one hour of contact per month for the duration of the program.  For long distance relationships this may involve Skype sessions, phone and email connections.

If any issues arise around contact (or lack thereof) you are advised to contact ahri mentoring ( and they will assist to resolve the issue.

State Networking Events

Networking events will be held during the program, which provide participants with the opportunity to share experiences and meet fellow participants of the program from both past and current intakes. State events are run in each capital city (except NT) approximately every six months and can sometimes include guest speakers.

Generally there will be three networking events that you can attend during the program. Besides current program mentors and mentees, all participants from previous intakes are welcome to attend any of these events. Priority will be given to current program participants in the case of an event reaching capacity.

Communications from AHRI

The AHRI mentoring team will communicate out match information and manage any concerns or issues which may arise for the duration of the program. Regular communications and quarterly newsletters will be emailed out to participants to keep you informed of upcoming events, webinars and articles of interest.

We encourage and welcome participants to provide feedback throughout the program on any aspects of the program to assist and allow for future planning purposes.

Cost & Eligibility

Am I eligible?

Mentors are required to have a minimum of 4 years HR experience (minimum 2 years to mentor a student mentee) to apply.

All participants are required to be an AHRI member or take out a membership as part of their application.

For more information email or if you have an AHRI membership query or want to know more about membership benefits visit the AHRI membership section of the website or contact the membership team by emailing

What does it cost?

The following chart shows the cost for AHRI members and non-members.  If you have any questions please email mentoring and they will be happy to help.

ParticipantProgramMembership RequiredMemberNon Member
(incl. Membership)
MentorHR ProfessionalProfessional (MAHRI, CAHRI, FAHRI)Free$300
 New to HRProfessional (MAHRI, CAHRI, FAHRI)Free$300
 HR StudentProfessional (Graduate, MAHRI, CAHRI, FAHRI)Free$300
MenteeHR ProfessionalAny AHRI membership$150$450
 New to HRAny AHRI membership$150$450
 HR StudentAHRI Student member onlyFree$33

Fees are payable upon application.

*To participate in this program you must be a current financial AHRI member. If you are not an AHRI member you can take out an affiliate membership as part of your mentoring application or you can apply for another AHRI membership by visiting memberships online.  If you would like to find out more about AHRI membership and its benefits please contact the membership team or read the Membership Information.

If you are a recent Graduate (last 2 years) or if you are a Retiree please contact the membership team as you may be eligible for a significantly reduced membership rate.

How to apply

Applications for intake 2, 2016 are now closed.  This intake will commence in October 2016 and conclude end of October 2017.

The next program will commence in April 2017.  You can register your Expression of Interest here.

Who should apply?

You should apply for this program if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • I am currently working in HR and looking to extend my knowledge in specific HR topics and areas
  • I am currently working in HR and want to progress my career to the next level of HR
  • I am currently studying HR and in my 3rd or final year of studies. I want to take the next step towards my career in HR (Only applicable for April intake)
  • I am currently working in a Non HR role with elements of HR and want to transition into an HR role
  • I am an experienced HR professional with more than 4 years HR experience and I would like to:
    • have the opportunity to share this knowledge.
    • give back to the HR profession
    • develop further my leadership and mentoring skills

Application forms

To apply, applicants are required to complete an online application form (see below). We encourage you to include any specific requirements or 'must haves' in this online application to ensure we are able to match you with the best possible mentoring partner.  To view costs of applications go to the 'Cost & Eligibility' section.

Applications are available for AHRI members and Non members (Non member application will include an application for AHRI Affiliate Membership) and there are different application forms for mentors and mentees.  When selecting your application form be careful to choose and complete the correct form.  If you are unsure which form is the right one for you please contact the mentoring team on 03 9918 9253 and they will be happy to help.

How To Apply - Existing AHRI members

ParticipantProgramProgram Application
MenteeHR ProfessionalCLOSED
 HR StudentNot available for October intake

How To Apply - Non members

ParticipantProgramProgram Application + Membership Application
MenteeHR Professional, New to HRCLOSED
 HR StudentNot available for October intake

Benefits of Mentoring

The benefits of participating in the AHRI Mentoring Program are many and varied:

Benefits to the mentor

  • Enables further development of mentoring skills eg. providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Provides a sense of personal and professional satisfaction
  • Enables you to give back to the profession and contribute to Australia's HR Association
  • Mentoring hours qualify as a part of CPD hours
  • You get to stay in touch with emerging issues relevant to less experienced HR professionals

Benefits to the mentee - HR Professional & New To HR

  • Provides excellent networking opportunities
  • Develops new skills – i.e. Problem solving
  • Provides you with a role model
  • Helps you Identifying professional growth and development areas
  • Develops your communication skills
  • Helps to set goals and work towards them
  • Mentee can set goals and develop processes to achieve them
  • Mentoring hours qualify as a part of CPD hours

Benefits to the mentee - Student

  • Provides assistance with transitioning from studying to the workplace
  • You gain a role model
  • Helps you identify areas of interest in HR
  • Develops your communication skills
  • Helps you set goals
  • Provides an opportunity to review your CV
  • Helps you prepare for interviews
  • Offers networking opportunities

Want to hear from mentors and mentees about their experience with the program? Read interviews and profiles with past program participants.

Want to have your mentoring relationship profiled for AHRI HRM online and HRM magzine? Register your interest here.

Can't do the October 2016 program?

We are taking expressions of interest for mentoring program in April 2017.

You can register your interest for

Once you have expressed interest in this program we will be in touch closer to the program commencement date with details of when applications are opening online and how to apply.

* If you are in your 3rd or final year of studies and are an AHRI Student member, you will be eligible for the program which will commence in April ONLY.  You can register your expression of interest here.  To find out more about the program or to become an AHRI Student member visit or call AHRI on 03 9918 9200.

More Information and Media Articles

The AHRI Mentoring Information kit will provide further information and assistance for the mentoring program including a calendar of events.

Download the AHRI Mentoring Information Kit

Visit our Mentoring FAQ page for answers to everyday questions you may have.

Mentors and mentees from the program have been profiled in past editions of AHRI's HRMonthly magazine. These articles can be viewed by clicking here.

AHRI were recently invited to be part of a case study of mentoring programs by Art of Mentoring. Click here to view the case study.

Are you mentor material?

AHRI Mentoring Program testimonials are also available online.

Want to have your mentoring relationship profiled for the AHRI HRM magazine? Complete your details here to be considered for this great opportunity.

To view information specific to your intake visit the Intake & Program Updates page.

For more information about the AHRI Mentoring Program, please contact

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