AHRI post-nominals

Demonstrate commitment to your HR career

AHRI professional members are entitled to use a post-nominal after their name – which can really make you stand out from the crowd. AHRI professional membership demonstrates a commitment to your career, and to the HR profession, which is important to your existing and future employers.


How do I use post-nominal letters and why should I use them?

Post-nominal letters (also known as designatory letters) are a set of letters that are included after your name to indicate your qualifications, honours or accreditation.

AHRI professional members are able to include their AHRI membership level as a post-nominal. This is a short-hand way of indicating to others that you have been assessed by AHRI and have achieved a particular membership level based on this assessment.

AHRI encourages all professional members who are entitled to use post-nominals to do so, thus proudly demonstrating your professional standing and credibility, and improve your career prospects. Post-nominal letters are typically included on business cards, resumes and CVs and are increasingly being included in email signatures.

You may use more than one post-nominal after your name. Here are two examples:

1) Jane Smith PhD, FAHRI (Jane has a PhD and is a Fellow of AHRI).

2) John Smith BBus (HRMgt)Hons, MAHRI (John has a Bachelor of Business in HR Management with honours, and is a professional member of AHRI).

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Can I mention that I am a member on my website, CV, business cards or LinkedIn profile?

As an AHRI member you should be proud that you are part of Australia's largest and most respected HR professional association. If you are a professional member you are encouraged to use your post-nominals on your business card, email signature, website and LinkedIn profile. Professional members will also be provided with a professional member logo which can be downloaded from their online AHRI profile.

Affiliate and student members are not eligible to use the professional member logo. Lapsed members should not use the logo or post-nominals until they have renewed their membership.

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