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Model of Excellence

Model of Excellence 2014

What is the Model of Excellence?

The Model of Excellence is a graphic representation that combines what HR practitioners should know, what they are expected to do, and what their peers expect them to be in terms of behaviours and capabilities.

The circles of the graphic sets out 10 behaviours and seven capabilities that were confirmed as essential for HR practitioners in the most recent 2014 AHRI member survey 'What is Good HR?'.

Going back ten years, the idea of the Model of Excellence was developed based on two surveys of Australian HR practitioners and CEOs. Since then it has gone through a number of iterations, having been informed by local, national and global data including inputs from the international RBL Human Resource Competency Study under the leadership of Professor Dave Ulrich from the University of Michigan.

Description of the Model of Excellence capabilities and behaviours.

What Does AHRI Use the Model of Excellence For?

Currently, there are more than 90 courses at more than 35 Australian educational institutions with AHRI accreditation. The Model of Excellence is used as the conceptual basis for assessment and accreditation of all HR management programs in technical and vocational education, providing assurance to industry that graduates possess the necessary practical competencies required to successfully operate in their field.

The Model of Excellence also informs and underpins AHRI intellectual property with respect to the content of formal qualifications and informal short-courses, as well as the standards of excellence that guide judging for the annual AHRI Awards. In addition, it operates as a guide to the design of HR tools and templates such as job descriptions, performance appraisals, the Training Needs Analysis tool and the like for use by practitioners.

The Model of Excellence is the foundation for AHRI certification and for the development of AHRI intellectual property. It will also be included as the basis for future accreditation of tertiary and vocational HR courses.

How You Can Use the Model of Excellence

The Model of Excellence will make you think about three central questions: As an HR practitioner, what am I expected to know? The next question is what am I expected to do as a practising professional? And finally, what am I expected to be? The Model of Excellence is designed to give you a guide or framework for your own HR practice and to define your career objectives.

See how the Model of Excellence relates to you.

To assist with your HR career pathways we have developed a self-assessment tool. The online Training Needs Analysis tool enables you to take the Model of Excellence framework further into your workplace.

Through the Training Needs Analysis tool you will:

  • Benchmark your capabilities against the HR profession
  • Gain insights to your career journey and expertise
  • Discover the skills you need to progress your career as it relates to AHRI's Model of Excellence
  • Receive a personalised report on your results, including training and education recommendations

Start your HR Self-Assessment now.

Next Steps

In what is an evolving picture, in 2015 the 'What is Good HR?' survey will be put to a sample group of CEOs to get an 'outside-in' perspective on what they expect of HR. We will also participate in the 7th round of the global RBL competency study.

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