One in five ‘not proficient’ in their jobs, bosses say

16 AUG 2023

The Australian Financial Review

“With recruitment difficulties persisting, some employers reporting that some of their employees are not proficient in their roles and Australia’s productivity falling short of many of its OECD competitors, now is the time to invest in workplace training and the broader set of HR practices that boost organisational performance,” AHRI chief executive Sarah McCann-Bartlett said.

She told The Australian Financial Review it was particularly surprising that just 25 per cent of respondents considered upskilling line managers to be an effective way of improving productivity as this is “known to actually improve productivity and performance of organisations … Middle managers often get a bad rap. But where you have great line management, you’re often more likely to [have] a high-performing organisation,” Ms McCann-Bartlett said.

Australia productivity: Bosses told to upskill workers after employers said one-fifth of their workers were “not fully proficient” in their jobs (