By-Law 6

Acquisition of Business

6.1 For the purposes of making an offer to acquire the assets of a business that is consistent with the objects of the company as set out in Clause 1 of the Constitution, the Directors of AHRI Ltd are empowered to do all things necessary and appropriate as authorised under this Constitution to establish one or more legal entities and undertake other arrangements to bid for the assets.
6.2 In the event that AHRI Ltd is selected as the preferred bidder for the purchase of the assets, the Directors are further empowered:

    6.2.1 To do all things necessary and appropriate to complete the purchase of such assets: and

    6.2.2 To seek financial accommodation to fund the purchase proceeds and to secure ongoing working capital to manage the associated operations; and

    6.2.3 To do all other things necessary to ensure that the assets acquired are managed in an ethical, appropriate and commercial manner