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Education and training: Terms and conditions

Please note that prices are inclusive of GST.

AHRI reserves the right to change the program date at any time. Every effort will be made to ensure the date is suitable to all participants already registered and to notify attendees of the date change.

AHRI reserves the right to prohibit entry to any person to an AHRI program, or eject any person from an AHRI program based on behaviour deemed inappropriate by AHRI staff and/or its agents and others working under its authority.

Canvassing by attendees is strictly prohibited at AHRI education and training programs. Promotional materials may not be distributed. Attendees violating this policy will be asked to leave and AHRI members may have their membership revoked.

AHRI Short Courses Cancellation policy: 
Registration and payment must be received prior to the program running. No refunds will be given once the program has been confirmed to registered participants via confirmation email.  Substitutions of participants are permitted. No transfers to other AHRI programs will be allowed once the program confirmation has been sent to registered participants. Cancellations prior to the a program confirmation must be received in writing.Programs may be cancelled due to low numbers. In this instance full refunds or credit transfers will be applied.

  • Registration notice: AHRI member registration rates are not transferable to non-AHRI members. By selecting a member registration rate, it is agreed that the registrant is a current financial member of AHRI and that the registration is made in the AHRI members name only. A breach of this may result in a cancellation of a program registration and/or AHRI membership.
  • Registration and Payment: Registrations received after the closing date may incur a late fee. Payment in full is required by the program date.
  • Substitutions: Should a registrant be unable to attend, they may send one substitute in their place. AHRI must be notified of all substitutions prior to the date of the program.

Formal Education Deferral policy:

  • Students wishing to defer their enrolment in a Formal Education Program MUST complete the deferral and tax invoice form, and make the deferral payment at the time of the deferral request. A deferral will not be accepted until the forms and full payment of the deferral fee have been received and processed.
  • Students who wish to defer their studies should be aware that their deferred placement in a Formal Education Program will automatically lapse after 12 months and only one deferral per registration is permitted. After this timeframe has expired, students will have to re enrol and pay in full.
  • Fees will be retained and a deferral fee will be incurred.

Formal Education Withdrawal policy:

  • Students wishing to discontinue their enrolment in a Formal Education Program course are advised to discuss the issue with the AHRI Education Team before completing the Withdrawal Form. 
  • All requests for withdrawal must be made on the form supplied with this document.
  • Should a student wish to resume their studies after withdrawing from a Formal Education Program must reenrol for admission to the program.
  • All study materials must be returned to AHRI, at the time of the withdrawal request (remove this perhaps: request for the withdrawal), before a refund is granted.
  • A previously deferred student is not eligible for any refund.

Privacy policy: AHRI is concerned with the protection of your privacy. We support the Austrlaian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), as amended. AHRI collects and stores your personal information for the purposes of providing membership services, education and training programs. AHRI may use your details to promote products and services in the form of email communications and/or other typers of communication. To view AHRI's full privacy policy visit