Perth State Conference


    • Registration

      Registration and delegate check-in for the State Conference event.

    • Opening comments

      Welcome to country and introduction to kick off the day's proceedings.

    • Session 1

      A great organisational culture..The holy grail

      Christina will outline the strategy that she lead at the Western Australian Cricket Association to create a stronger more diverse organisation. The WACA has been the leader in staff engagement across Australian cricket for three out of the four past years as measured by Cricket Australia. She will also describe the key role of the HR Manager in the ongoing success of the organisation’s culture.

    • Exhibition break

      Recharge your batteries with morning tea and take some time to see the latest, greatest services and trends in HR at the exhibition.

    • Session 2

      Why you should give young leaders the keys to the car (even if they don’t know how to drive)

      Rhys explains why just taking young people along for the ride isn’t good enough, you need to enable young leaders in their journey. He shares his experiences in creating meaningful opportunities for future leaders.

    • Session 3

      Creating the advocacy cycle: How leadership has become the heart of customer experience

      Jo will share her experience in leading both HR and Operational divisions to create an internal culture that is agile enough to deliver to the demands of growth, customer advocacy and employee engagement.

    • Exhibition break

      Get a bite to eat, touch base with work and reflect on what you've learnt this morning. Don't miss out on gaining experience and knowledge from the Exhibitors.

    • Session 4

      Leadership through turbulent times

      The oldest football club in Western Australia collapsed financially and was forced into voluntary administration. With crippling debts and cash resources depleted, the Club was on the verge of extinction. Hear about the challenges that surfaced, how the team performed through it all and how the Club ultimately survived.

    • Session 5

      Building HR leadership for dynamic, innovative cultures

      Dianna believes that global demands and the future Australian economic prosperity relies upon building innovation leadership. How we shift the dial on performance depends on capability of leadership performance and resiliency

    • Exhibition break

      Take a quick break to network and explore the exhibition one final time.

    • Session 6

      Finding the black box between HR leadership and organisation performance

      In light of the many recent media headlines that have exposed matters of workplace culture and flawed corporate behaviours, this session will explore some of the good, bad and indifferent contemporary examples of HR practice. It will also provide insights on the potential for business leaders to raise their expectations of the HR business partner and the opportunities that could open up for appropriately-skilled professionals.

    • Closing comments

      Conclusion to the days proceedings.

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