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AHRI LinkedIn group

Are you receiving emails from the AHRI LinkedIn group? 

As a member of the AHRI LinkedIn Group, you may be receiving a daily digest email from LinkedIn as well as an email every time somebody posts a new discussion. With the high level of conversation and interaction within the group, this can mean a lot of emails are arriving in your inbox. 

You can update your settings to choose how often you receive a LinkedIn 'digest email' and you can also update whether you would like to receive an email every time someone posts in the group. To change your settings, here's what you do: 

  1. Login to LinkedIn and click into the AHRI LinkedIn group
  2. Click the 'i' next to the member button on the right of the screen towards the top.
  3. Click on 'Your Settings'.
  4. Under the 'Contact Settings' tab you can update your 'Digest Email' settings and your 'Activity' settings.

Not a member of the AHRI LinkedIn group? Login to LinkedIn, search 'group' Australian Human Resources Institute and request to join the group.