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HRM October 2017

HRM magazine is Australia's leading magazine for HR professionals. AHRI members can read current and past articles from HRM magazine. If you are not already a member, find out how to join today.

HRM cover (October 2017)

Cover story

A place for everyone

Stan Grant on how inclusion and diversity benefit all Australians.

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More than meets the eye

Stan Grant, Wiradjuri man and successful journalist, talks about the need to bring voices to the story of Indigenous experience.

Staying part of the team

The case for keeping people who experience the onset of disability through illness, usefully employed.

The finishing line-up

The newly certified Samantha Robertson CPHR opens up about how her journey helped her career and her organisation.

A view to a thrill

Our in-depth report from Sydney’s International Convention Centre of the 2017 AHRI National Convention and Exhibition.

Go hard and go home

How does a five-hour work day sound? This company swears by the benefits, and explains the complications.

Apocalypse now

Blockchain is already set to disrupt global finance. We talk to the people who think it could do the same to HR.

Cracking the glass ceiling

A statistical breakdown of the demographics of ASX directors.

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