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HRM November 2017

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HRM Cover Nov 2017

Cover story

In the hot seat

Leadership succession: why the Swans keep getting it right.

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Pass the crown

What does great succession planning look like at the top of an organisation? The Sydney Swans offer an example.

Wide open spaces

An HR consultant tackles workplace health and safety in agriculture, a high-risk industry with low compliance.

Flying solo

Contract roles might be the future of HR. What is it like to make the transition, and strike out on your own?

From deadline to lifeline

How Lendlease is addressing mental health issues in the construction industry.


New AHRI research indicates domestic violence policies don't translate into practice – here are the numbers.

Dress for success

A beautiful uniform can be great for staff morale as well as good for the brand.

The best of the best

The finalists for the 2017 AHRI Awards have been announced.

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