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HRM May 2017

HRM magazine is Australia's leading magazine for HR professionals. AHRI members can read current and past articles from HRM magazine. If you are not already a member, find out how to join today.

May 2017 HRM magazine cover

Cover story

Move on up

Corporate accelerator, Slingshot, is aiming to bring entrepreneurial thinking into big corporate HR departments. CEO Karen Lawson explains.

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Tread lightly

Being environmentally responsible requires business to stop tinkering and start addressing real carbon management.

Three say

What will it take for employers to start hiring people with disabilities?

Trusted partners

Erica Gallagher, senior HR director at the Public Trustee of Queensland, was behind a major cultural change initiative in the organisation.

Hands and minds

Volunteering abroad isn’t just for teachers of English. There is demand for HR professionals around the world.

Who do you believe?

There has been a shift in public trust, argues Rachael Botsman, and that has big implications for business.

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