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HRM March 2017

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HRM March 2017 Cover

Cover story

Gear change 

As car manufacturing in Australia falls silent, what happens to the workers?

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Call of the wild

Even in a zoo, humans are the most important resource. HRM talks to Taronga’s Steve Williams about how he
manages customer-facing employees.

Driven out

In 2017 Australia is losing its car manufacturing industry but what will happen to the workers, and how has HR responded to this challenge?

Three Say

Not enough has changed for women in the workplace and these three thought leaders have something to say about it.

The biggest word of all

You need courage in HR, both for yourself and as an example for others. Jennifer White’s story is a lesson in why
HR needs to invest in itself.

One in every bunch

Are disruptive employees irredeemable or are they simply disengaged? Here’s how to spot a toxic worker, and what you should do about it.

Five hiring tips for warp-speed recruiting

Recruitment stands on a new frontier.

Case study: Geraldton, WA

HR’s crucial role in bringing a business back from financial meltdown.

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