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HRM July 2017

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Cover HRM July 2017

Cover story

Slow and steady wins the race

Wellbeing isn't just an HR discussion, it's a profit discussion, says Arianna Huffington.

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The slow road to the top

We speak to Arianna Huffington about why wellbeing is a workplace necessity.

Three say

We need older workers so why is there still so much discrimination?

One stop shop

Past attendees give their top tips to get the most from the AHRI National Convention and Exhibition 2017.

The powerful voice

How did their certification journeys alter HR practitioners’ perspective on the profession?

View from the bench

The Hon. Robert French AC, former Chief Justice of Australia, reflects on his career.

Mind the skills gap

Companies are increasingly seeing the value of working with skilled migrants.

A rising tide

Why is bullying at work on the increase?

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