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HRM February 2017

HRM magazine is Australia's leading magazine for HR professionals. AHRI members can read current and past articles from HRM magazine. If you are not already a member, find out how to join today.

HRm Feb 2015 cover

Cover story

Future force

In a rapidly changing world of work, what are the big trends that will impact our lives?

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Tomorrow's world

The future of work is already here – HRM takes a look at some of the key trends.

Star rises

How a major casino broke through the bamboo ceiling as part of the new diversity initiative.

Ties are off

Modern men are increasingly working flexibly or part-time. How are they faring?

The gold standard

The 2016 AHRI awards celebrated the best Australian HR has to offer.

Bad to the bone

The pay-off of an office job shouldn't be back pain. Here's how to save your spine.

Shoulder to shoulder

A mentor's support and advice can have a tremendous impact on your career.

One direction

ATO's HR team embark on a certification journey – together.

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