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HRMonthly August 2016

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HR August 2016 cover image

Cover story

The call of HR

Aileen Tan, head of HR at Singtel talks about how she reached the top of the telecom giant.

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Take the high road

Compliance with the rules are the responsibility of HR, so when HR slips up, the fallout is worse.

A giant stirs

With the buy-out of LinkedIn, Microsoft has become a major player in human capital management.

The ground has shifted

Two of Queensland’s most senior HR professionals make the case for the benefits of certification.

Taking the temperature

Are the new trends predicted in recruitment happening?

Significant others

Engineering doesn’t attract enough women but at AECOM, they are bucking the trend.

Sense and sensibility

Emotional intelligence is highly prized but how easy is it to spot and can it be learnt?

Making way

Coming out as transgender is becoming easier, but how firms respond makes all the difference.

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