Remuneration and Reward


Human resources (HR) covers a wide range of different roles and opportunities whether it be in small or large businesses, public or private sector. HR roles can be broken down into generalist, specialist or external roles.



This topic covers what needs to be considered when setting salaries within an organisation including salary packaging and how to find and utilise salary surveys.

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This topic covers the non-salary rewards and benefits that can be offered to employees to recognise the contribution they make in their role.  This section includes both tangible (bonuses, technology, vehicles etc.) and intangible benefits (positive culture and climate, flexible work practices etc.) which contribute to an employee's motivation, engagement and retention.

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This topic covers what other aspects outside of salary and other benefits are important to employees and help to drive their engagement with the organisation and their motivation to perform well in their role.

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This topic covers what aspects should be considered in retaining employees in their role or within the wider organisation and the role HR can play in ensuring the right employees are retained to meet the current and future needs of the business.

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