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Employee Surveys


Employee Surveys are a key part of measuring and evaluating current organisational, team and individual performance within the workplace. Essentially, the results of an employee survey provide a snapshot of the attitudes of employees on various aspects of the working environment can be used to plan future activities, address current concerns and capitalise on identified strengths.

Some common surveys include, but are not limited to:

  • Climate Surveys – measures employee attitudes to working at the organisation and engagement
  • 360 degree feedback surveys – measures employee performance based on feedback from multiple sources, including self-appraisal, subordinate rating etc.
  • Employee onboarding surveys – provides insight into initial employee experience during the recruitment, selection and onboarding process
  • Employee exit survey – provides insight into employee departure experiences from the organisation
  • Positive Culture and respectful workplace survey - a survey and interview-based assessment to provide information on precursors, detractors and promoters of a positive workplace culture.  A platform to identify and eliminate incidences of workplace bullying disrespect.
  • Capability assessment tools – provides insight into individual capabilities to help inform position descriptions, learning and development activities etc.