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The Center for Effective Organizations Study

Do you want to know how the Human Resource function in corporations changing, and what makes it effective?

AHRI invites you to take part in a global study led by world renowned researchers John Boudreau and Edward E. Lawler from The Center for Effective Organizations (CEO), University of Southern California.

About the study

Since 1995 The Center for Effective Organizations has conducted a study on the Human Resource function, providing continuing information on how they are changing, and what makes them effective.

The study has resulted in books, including Global Trends in Human Resource Management: A Twenty-Year Analysis, seminars, and numerous articles. It is frequently cited and provides valuable information about HR effectiveness.

Take part

The Center is now conducting its eighth study. If you work in an organisation of 1000 employees or more, you can participate in the study by completing an online survey.

As well as contributing to an important global study, participants will
*Be invited to a free webinar to discuss the early study results
*Receive a report of the final results

The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and should be taken by someone with a good understanding of the Human Resource function in a large organisation.

Take the survey